The Fishermen’s Monument is a Grade B listed structure which stands in the south corner of the innermost basin of Dunbar Old Harbour. The monument was erected in 1856 by local benefactor, William Brodie of Seafield.  It was dedicated to the fishermen of Dunbar and also housed a useful weather forecasting mercury barometer which was installed by Adie and Sons of Edinburgh. 
The Fisherman’s Monument was restored in 1998 under the umbrella of the Dunbar Initiative Project. Michelle De Bruin was commissioned to re-carve the main decorative panels including the A H Ritchie marble relief (not plaster, as it was commonly perceived), and local building contractor John Smith and Son carried out general repairs to the monument.
In 2012 the Dunbar Shore  & Harbour Neighbourhood Group raised funds which were kindly donated by Viridor Credits and East Lothian Council which, together with private donations, allowed Graciella Ainsworth to restore damaged stonework and repaint the monument. The lime wash now needs to be refreshed regularly to keep the monument in good condition and the current use of lime wash will allow the stone to breathe and will prevent further deterioration. 

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