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Local Notice to Mariners        29th May 2020, NO. 03 OF 2020 (Amended 29th March 2021)

"Under national guidelines leisure boating is permissible in groups up to a maximum of 4 people from a maximum of 2 households and can start and finish at a place in your local authority area (or up to 5 miles from its boundary). You should travel no further than you need to reach to a safe, non-crowded place, but we remind everyone that that we are in the grip of a pandemic and any activity should be conservative of risk. The overriding message for Scotland’s boating community is to ‘Stay at Home’ wherever possible and we must all do our bit to stop the spread of the virus"


Coronavirus (COVID 19) harbour protocol: Notice to Mariners

With immediate effect recreational boat owners are permitted to use their boats in local waters for recreational purposes as part of their daily exercise and recreation away from their homes subject to the following conditions and staying within government guidelines, see above:

These are important in order to minimize the need for our emergency services to be mobilized potentially placing them and you at risk

Social distancing guidance is to be respected at all times at the harbour, and all harbour users are expected to leave the harbour property as soon as their period of recreation or essential business has been completed

The latest weather forecast and tidal information has been obtained and the vessel has been checked and inspected thoroughly before putting to sea. This should include ensuring that all boat systems, adequate fuel supply and engines are operating correctly and all equipment is in date and fully operational.

 Lifejackets available for everyone on board and worn

Suitable means of calling and signalling for help on board

Ensure there is an emergency plan in place and everybody has an on board briefing (in particular on the location and use of the safety equipment, including the spare kill cord for powerboats).

Make sure someone ashore knows where you are going and who to call if you don't return on time.

An operational emergency engine must be carried on motorized vessels or put to sea in tandem with another leisure vessel.

"A suitable anchor for the vessel shall be carried and must be ready for immediate deployment in case of emergency. It should be checked before putting to sea, kept in good condition and with the bitter end secured by rope or soft lashing'

"It is highly recomended where practicable a spare kedge anchor is kept on board also in good condition, ready for use and bitter end secured as above"

Boat skippers are urged to exercise good seamanship, courtesy, patience and common sense as they move in and out of the Harbour and / or use the slipway

For more advice on boating safety refer to the RNLI website


It is recommended to download and use the RYA SafeTrx mobile app https://www.rya.org.uk/knowledge-advice/safe-boating/keep-in-touch/Pages/safetrx.asp

Keep an eye out for others, if in doubt call

It takes time to respond when someone is in trouble, every second counts. If you are concerned about someone or something on our coastline, beaches, mud or harbours, call 999 immediately and ask for the Coastguard.

There is also a second, non emergency number you can call, 01224 592334. This connects you to the Coastguard operations centre where you can pass information.

Please be safe, stick to government guidelines and remember to call if you are in need of assistance.

Visit www.gov.scot/coronavirus-covid-19 to check for the latest advice and guidance.