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Local Notice to Mariners 16th May 2020, NO. 02 OF 2020

A number of incidents, including a vessel sinking in Victoria harbour, have raised concern because of the failure of the attachment of mooring bollards, deck cleats, snapped mooring lines and riser chains parting.

Owners of small boats should inspect fittings and their supporting structure used in mooring.

It is the responsibility of berth holders to secure their vessels in a seamanlike manner and to check the condition of their riser chains at a minimum annually.

Mild steel fastenings through decks should be checked visually.

The load on moorings should be minimized.

Owners and operators should inspect moorings and mooring fittings to ensure that they are:

  • Of adequate strength and in good condition;
  • Adequately stiffened under the deck (stiffeners and backing plates)
  • Adequately secured under deck; and all in good condition (deck, supporting structure, and fittings)

To avoid over loading of mooring lines, cleats and deck fittings any vessel moored alongside the wall in Victoria Harbour must be moved to the inner Harbour to a berth agreed under the direction of on duty harbour staff or alternatively the vessel should be taken out of the water before any forecast swell conditions develop.

If a vessel is too large for taking shelter in the inner Harbour it is the Masters duty to seek harbour of refuge elsewhere and in good time to avoid the forecast swell conditions.

It is the vessel owner’s responsibility to ensure this Local Notice to Mariners is complied with.