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Before disembarking any crew, a Maritime Declaration of Health (MDH) is required for all vessels on arrival from a foreign port, and the MDH must be submitted to the Harbour Master.

All  vessels arriving from another UK port should also submit an MDH to the Harbour Master. 

Details of what to do if there is suspected COVID 19 on board any vessel are as follows:
If the suspected case is a medical emergency, you   must call 999 for medical assistance and you   must inform attending services that the case has originated from a COVID-19 risk area or has had contact with a confirmed case.   DO NOT disembark the patient or arrange alternative transport to a hospital until advised to do so.   

Also ask the Harbour Master to inform the NHS Public Health (local Health Protection Team ) and the Port Health Authority (the local authorities)  

East Lothian Environmental Health Service    01620 827365

Health Protection Scotland      Tel: 0141 300 1100 "