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Owners of vessels who do not have a fuel agreement with Dunbar Harbour Trust should contact the Harbour Master if they require fuel from the harbour tank.

Oil distributors are permitted to sell fuel across the quayside provided that they comply with the following regulations:

1. Any company, agency or individual wishing to use Dunbar Harbour property for the transfer of petroleum products to and from vessels or other fuel containers must first apply and receive written permission from the Dunbar Harbour Trust. Any company, agency or individual who has not obtained written permission will not be allowed to undertake any transfer of petroleum products.

2. All approved companies, agencies or individuals supplying fuels and other oils in Dunbar Harbour, other than to the Harbour Trust’s bulk fuels tank, must account monthly to Dunbar Harbour Trust for the total amount of oils which have been delivered across the quay together with the payment of the Harbour Trust’s fuel charge.

3. Failure to comply with the above will result in the consent being withdrawn.


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