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Dunbar Harbour Trust
Closed Circuit Television Policy
The use of CCTV cameras by the Harbour Trust will be limited to the property of the Harbour Trust and stakeholder's property ie boats creels etc. Any peripheral coverage of adjacent buildings will be incidental and from such a distance as to not interfere with privacy.
As a charitable Trust, set up as a not-for-profit organisation where any profit is re-invested back into the harbour, the Harbour Trust does not need to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office. However it is the policy of the Trust to keep the police fully informed about the harbour’s CCTV capability.
The Harbour Trust is committed to the principles of the Data Protection Act and understands best practice for managing information.
The Trust may need to disclose CCTV images for legal reasons - for example, crime detection as well as for Insurance purposes. Once they have given the images to another organisation, then that organisation must adhere to the Data Protection Act in their handling of the images.
The live images will be available for all harbour users and the general public to see so that they can enjoy the pictures of the activities in the harbour and assess the weather conditions prevailing at any time.(Technical difficulties are preventing this at this time)
The Trust reserves the right to pass recordings to the police or other statutory authority if a crime has been committed but there is no intention to process or publish recorded information unless it is for the benefit of the harbour users. The recorded information will only be shared with people and organisations when necessary to carry out the Trust’s activities and will comply with the principles of the Data Protection Act. In particular the Trust will –
• put up a sign to let people know CCTV is being used and why
• be able to provide images within 40 days to anyone who has been recorded at a cost of £10 if the person involved can provide a date and time when he/she was on site.
• share images with the authorities, eg the police, if they ask for them
The Trust will not keep images for more than 12 months unless part of an ongoing criminal/insurance investigation/claim.
The proper use of the CCTV cameras is the responsibility of the Chairman of the Harbour Trust. The Chairman will take responsibility for the CCTV images, deciding what is recorded, how images should be used and whom they should be disclosed to.

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