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The Directors of Dunbar Harbour Trust draw up a rolling three year harbour improvement plan after consulting with various key harbour user groups.

The consultation has been used to try to capture all of the users’ desired improvements, irrespective of whether these improvements are affordable or not. These user needs will evolve over time, and this document will evolve as new needs are identified.

The improvement plan identifies the funding opportunities that are currently available to the Harbour Trust. These opportunities also will change over time.

There is a prioritisation process for determining which of the projects can be placed into an action plan. The fact that a particular need has been identified and captured does not mean that it will be capable of being delivered over the next three years. Availability of funding and competing projects will determine whether and when a project can be placed in an action plan.

East Lothian Council has given its support to reviewing the three year plan to assess whether there will be any planning barriers to delivering any of the improvements.

enjoyleisure has also expressed a willingness to consider any ideas related to its neighbouring site provided that these ideas are in line with enjoyleisure’s charitable objectives.

Read more in the full Harbour Improvement Plan document in the Port Operations Download section. 


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