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Dunbar is the home port to some 29 fishing vessels, varying in size from 6 to 15 metres long.
The larger vessels concentrate on prawn trawling, and the remainder mostly lay creels for lobster, brown crabs and velvet crabs. Different bait is used depending on what species is being targeted.
Dunbar has had a vibrant fishing community for hundreds of years. For centuries, fishing was one of the town’s main industries. Each year hundreds of fishing boats would come to the summer herring fishing off the Dunbar coast. Their catches were gutted and packed in barrels in layers with brine, ready to be sent to Europe, Ireland or the West Indies.
In the winter months local fishermen fished for white fish such as cod and whiting and shellfish. 
We have a rich heritage in our fishing community both in families and boats but fishing always has been, and still can be a dangerous occupation. Much may have changed over the years, but the harbour still works for its living. You’ll find that it’s well worth a visit.

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