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Our boats: fishing, historic, notable and even brand-new

Lynsey B Owner/skipper Barry Brunton, a "sustainable" lobster boat, fibre glass 21ft Cygnus GM fitted out by Barry himself, engine Beta 43hp., reg. no., LH411 (Lynsey’s birth date), completed March. 2022, Yes, this year !!!

Says Barry: “It’s traditional to name a vessel after your nearest and dearest or a daughter in the household, to bring good luck, so I called my vessel the Lynsey B, after my ROCK, my soul mate, my best friend, my wife, the REAL Lynsey B.”

Amazing facts:

  • ‘Lynsey B’ has a huge following through social media sites and the dizzy heights of YouTube, and is the guest star of articles in several papers.
  • ‘Lynsey B’ is actually used by Cygnus Marine Boats to advertise their Cygnus GM21s range.

“We look forward to showing the general public the great efforts that fishermen are making to become more sustainable, and teaching "hopefully" a future generation on how to fish, and the benefits of going into this type of career. We are also looking forward to showcasing Dunbar’s harbours, businesses, & events in and around this beautiful fishing town. All the best, Baz.”

You can follow our adventures at, https://www.facebook.com/1ManAndHisBoat/ and https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC8gMj1RuKTsrExRmlpPNleA 

This project will go well with Barry at the helm.


Prawn Trawling

Summer’s waters are too clear, so night-fishing is better in summer for prawns. Trawlers tow two nets along the sea-bottom, observing a quota of 20 tonnes/month.

Winter fishing is generally a daytime activity in gales of up to Force 10 – a dangerous activity and sleep is short! zzzZZZ

Creel Fishing (lobsters, crabs) A ‘passive’ form of fishing: baited creels are dropped from the boat to the seabed and retrieved some days later. Creel boats make up 75% of Scotland’s inshore fleet and generate around £40 million for export, and it's a very sustainable form of fishing. Target species are brought to the surface alive and undamaged, meaning that egg-bearing ‘berried’ females or undersized animals are returned to the sea. The carbon footprint (especially fuel) is minimal as most boats are small and fish close to shore. Creel fishing can be carefully carried out in fragile habitats without damaging the sea-bed.

“Ye shall have a fishy on a little dishy,

Ye shall have a herring when the boat comes in,

Dance to your daddy, Sing to your mammy,

Dance to your daddy, When the boat comes in”


Myth 1: When tired of the sea, fishermen put an anchor over their shoulder, walk inland until someone asks “whit’s that ye’re haudin’?” and from that question they know they’ve escaped far enough from the sea and can settle down peacefully.

Myth 2: When fishermen die they go to Fiddler's Green, a mythical paradise for fishermen, with good weather, calm seas, pretty girls, free beer, and lots of easy fishing.

We have around 30 yachts bobbing happily on their moorings.

“Sanderling” Skipper Andy Wishart, Westerly Konsort, hull 29ft fibre glass, built at Waterlooville, Hampshire in ‘83, engine Bukh 20hp, bilge keel, useful in a drying harbour like Dunbar. Her present owner has an association with bird-named boats – Sand Martin, Kittiwake, Pintail, Sandpiper. Prior to Dunbar Sanderling was based in Anstruther and was ‘weel-kent’ in Dunbar as she enjoyed excursions over here. Andy suspects she suffered a dismasting as her current mast is younger than she is.

“Hamara Jahaz” Skipper Ade Black, 1968 cruising yacht, 20ft, fibre glass, bilge keel sloop, engine Mariner 6hp outboard, previous owner brought her from Burntisland.

"Ambition" Skipper Luke Jeffrey, a Pirate Express 17ft sailing boat, built ‘70s, fibre glass, bilge keel.

“Cirrus”, Skipper Morag Cook, a well-balanced, classic Cornish crabber.

“BlueWild” BlueWild will be running ‘Shipwrecks and History’ boat tours throughout the Time & Tide festival, aboard ‘Thalassa’: 8.9m, Redbay Stormforce Cabin RIB, seating 6 people inside and 4 outside, Yamaha 315hp, cruising at 22-25 knots. Bookings at bluewild.co.uk 

“Andara 2” Owner Trevor Springford, Arvor 250AS, 8m GRP, built 2004 in Poland, engine Cummings diesel, based in Dunbar since 2010.

“Andara was made by joining my son's name Andrew, to his sister's, Sarah. I dropped the ‘h’ to make it sound more nautical. I use her for angling trips taking up to six anglers.” Bookings at Andara.co.uk

"Lady Angela" a private dive boat, 36ft motor cruiser, GRP, jointly owned by five persons, Mermaid Turbo Diesel, possibly a naval survey craft from the ‘70s. Been in Dunbar 22 years.




We have around 45 day boats

“Sapphire” Owner Davy Kittrick says: “Jim Banko of St. Abbs was her previous owner. She’s a catamaran with bright yellow paintwork, 7m. long, 2.7m in the beam, with a shallow draft of 0.5m, ideal for working around our craggy coastline, for mackerel and maybe some lobster fishing.”

The word ‘catamaran’ is derived from the Tamil word ‘kattumaram’, which means "logs bound together".

“Wildfire” Owner Noll Togneri, 6m. GRP, small motor cruiser, named after the Wildfire Rocks off our Tyne estuary, built in 2001, Galia, Poland, engine 90 hp. Mariner, she’ll do 30 kts.

For pleasure only.

"Bonny Jean" Owner Dave Johnstone, angling and pleasure, named for Dave’s mother, Cygnus Type GM21, Thornycroft 6 HP, built ‘98, 21 ft fibre glass.

“Jaguar ll” Owner Ian Combe, 20ft, planing fibre glass hull, Jeanneau Boats, leisure & fishing, engine Suzuki

“Frank Winston” Owner Ed Down, engine Yamaha 2-stroke, builder and age unknown, 14ft, fibre glass and wood, cuddy cabin. “Named for my father who always dreamed of having an angling boat. Did the Caledonian canal in her last year with my son. The weather on Loch Ness was scarier than anything I have dealt with in Dunbar thus far.”

“Rubber Maid 2” Owner Richard Bogie, built 2010, GRP deep V hull, a 22ft Ribcraft 6.8 Pro for leisure, Suzuki DH250 outboard. Richard wishes to change her name: ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Ever wondered about taking up a watersport? Dunbar Harbour is a good place to start.

Dunbar Coastal Rowing Club offers traditional rowing skills and racing, hosting skiff regattas, and expeditions. Their two skiffs, “Volunteer” and “Black Agnes”, were built here by Club members and have a crew of four rowers plus a cox.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

“Haul away, me hearties!”

Dunbar Sea Cadets. The Sea Cadets date back to the Crimean War (1850s) when sailors formed Naval Lads Brigades to help orphans created by the conflict. Cadets can start as young as ten, gaining skills and confidence along the way. https://www.sea-cadets.org/dunbar 

Dunbar Sailing Club was established in 1964 and its 50 members sail a variety of boats. The club has strong links with the RNLI and warmly welcomes visitors. While Dunbar is home, they have cruised to places as varied as Shetland, Poland and Germany – even crossing the Pacific and Indian Ocean! Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Coast to Coast Surf School has a Scotland-wide reputation for teaching surfing, bodyboarding, coasteering and stand-up paddling (SUP), with a growing watersports community at Belhaven Beach and Dunbar Harbour. Coast to Coast

Belhaven Surf Centre at Belhaven Bay. Home to several organisations improving surf safety, access to all for surf and coastal watersports, sports performance and environmental education.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.