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The Mighty Joes are an acoustic three piece, comprising Rab Armour, Kieron O’Neill and Chris Jackson, based in Biggar, Scotland. A trio of multi-instrumentalists and singers mixing guitars, mandolins, gryphon, harmonica, percussion and shruti box with tight vocal harmonies.

Currently enjoying great demand with a mix of eclectic material, from contemporary and traditional Celticana to Americana grooves and alternative rock/pop stylings…
Great live with a good range of gigs this year from highly rated The Stonehouse Folk Club back in February and the hugely enjoyable Biggar Spring Gathering. Looking forward to the Strathyre Music Festival, Biggar Little Festival, Strathaven's Hangarfest and, of course, the Dunbar Harbour Festival on 5th June!

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Meet the team from the Scottish Seabird Centre – a marine conservation and education charity - and try some hands-on activities. Learn about the amazing seabirds you can see around the harbour and further afield along Scotland's coasts and islands. Hear about their fascinating lives on sea and land, the threats they face and what we can do to help protect them.

The Charity has featured Dunbar harbour's kittiwake colony on its live camera feed for many years and runs tours around the islands in the Firth of Forth – including to the world’s largest Northern gannet colony – the iconic Bass Rock. The team can also help you identify and learn more about the species that are found on the rocky shoreline around Dunbar.

250 PeriodPhotography copyFraser C Stewart BA (Hons), BSc, PG Dip, is a passionate photographer, producing high quality portraits photographs.

Join Fraser at the Harbour event, where you can dress up in traditional fishing clothes and get a high-quality portrait 16x 8" photograph (individual or family) for £16.

A forever keepsake for you, your family and your friends!

 Fraser will be at the Harbour event on Sat 4th and Sun 5th June.


Tyne & Esk Writers is an organisation that champions creative writing across Mid and East Lothian. They welcome writers of all ages and at all levels of experience in our writing groups. Their eight Writers’ groups have around seventy enthusiastic members.

A selection of exquisite writers from this accomplished group will join us at Dunbar Battery on Sun 5th June from 3:45pm.

Come along to hear their selection of poems and prose based on the history, ecology and life in and around the Dunbar area.

Find out more about the Tyne & Esk Writers at: Tyne & Esk Writers (tyneandeskwriters.org.uk)

Gordon Easingwood, Chair of Dunbar & District History Society, has lived in Dunbar all his life. He, his brothers, and his family, have fished the coastal waters around Dunbar for many years. He is a keen community activitist, with a great interest in the sea, the fishing industry, the Harbours and the town.

Join Gordon on Sat 4th and Sun 5th June at 11am, by the benches at the propellor on the South Quay, for a stroll around the Harbour, where you will hear some captivating tales!

Neil, will display floats, buoys and fishing antiquities showing a lifetime of fishing and sailing along Scotland's coasts. He has strange objects, special marine items, washed up on lonely beaches from tragic shipwrecks; 'flotsam and jetsam'. The kids can handle pieces of real wreckage and hear their stories and explanations.

Neil can be found on Castlegate next to the cannon, just above the big, black propeller on Sat 4th and Sun 5th June at the Harbour event.

Come along to Dunbar Harbour to view the stunning murals, soon to be erected on the North Wall, beautifully crafted by students at Dunbar Primary, Stenton, Innerwick, East Linton, West Barns and Belhaven Hill schools.

We will have a ‘Can you find?’ activity at our Tide & Time Harbour Event on Sat 4th and Sun 5th June.





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The Dunbar Harbour Trust welcomes you to Tide & Time: Dunbar’s Festival of the Sea 2022

No festival would be complete without some fantastic food and delicious drinks…..

A variety of food and drink will be available at the Harbourside throughout the event. Come along, relax, take time to enjoy all that is on offer and fill your boots with beann and iasg!

Tantalise your taste buds with a super tasty sandwich and a hot coffee, available from the new Kittiwake Cafe on the South Quay, or visit Bisset’s Seafood Shack for a fabulous fishy snack pot and cold drink. Or, for the larger appetite, why not try Big Blu Sea, where a variety of fantastic fish dishes will await you.

Belhaven Brewery will join us with thirst quenching beers and other delicious alcoholic beverages, and East Coast Langoustine will sell their fresh crustaceous catch on the South Quay (Please note this is subject to availability and will be time limited).

We are delighted to announce that Dowally will perform at Tide & Time: Dunbar’s Festival of the Sea.

Dowally describe their music as ‘contemporary folk; rooted in Scottish and Irish traditions but influenced by jazz, Klezmer, American old time and everything in-between.’ WOW! Come along for a fantastic session with this unique duo on Sat 4th June at 3pm.



We are thrilled to announce Viridor will join us at Tide & Time: Dunbar’s Festival of the Sea on Sat 4th June ‘22.

Providing a stall packed full of information for adults, activities for kids, with learning for all!.

TN ERFsite copyViridor is a UK wide waste management company that believes in a world where nothing goes to waste. Dunbar Energy Recovery Facility, one of Viridor’s 11-strong fleet of energy recovery facilities, diverts non-recyclable waste from landfill, generates it into energy and further recovers resources for use in construction. With a generating volume of 258 GWh, enough to continuously power over 70,000 homes, the facility contributes to Scottish energy security.

We are super excited to welcome Johnston and Gordon to our Tide & Time event. A Scottish folk duo, playing a combination of Scottish & Irish songs, with some lyrics that will make you titter! Join us for a session of fun and toe tapping splendour with these two fabulous musicians, on Sun 5th June, from 12 noon.

Euan Johnston and Andrew Gordon have been friends from the Scottish music scene for 15 years. Finally getting together as a duo in early 2016, Euan and Andrew have worked on a set that shows their passion for Scottish and Irish Music. Never taking themselves to seriously, they switch from the serious to the surreal, from syphilis to seals. Their accompanying guitar and bodhran rhythms could be considered “robust” and when both bodhrans are out... Mighty!

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Richard Yarrow to our Harbour event. Presenting an exciting opportunity to learn how to prepare and cook shellfish, caught, and delivered fresh on the day by our local fishermen at Dunbar!

About Richard....

Richard trained to be a chef at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland and then went to work in The Bonnie Badger, Gullane. He then moved on to become a private chef, where he spent a season cooking for clients in shooting lodges and country estates in the Highlands of Scotland, and thereafter on to do a ski-season cooking in the French Alps in a chalet. Richard realised his passion for cooking was in teaching rather than catering. In October 2020, Richard, and his fiancé Sophia, set up the Yarrow Cookery School and have been teaching online and face to face classes ever since. See more at Cookery School | Yarrow Cookery School | Scotland


There will be many fabulous activities at the Harbour event on Sat 4th and Sun 5th June for all to enjoy!

One of these activities will be an exciting opportunity to learn about Communications at Sea, where you can test your own skills communicating with Semaphore Flags!

Communications, especially military, have changed quite a lot over the years.

Flags were used to show "who you are" (the colours on the battlefield etc). Flags, Banners and Pennants were used. Maritime use introduced many changes and "who you are" became more sophisticated over time.

We are delighted to announce that the Marine Conservation Society UK will join us at our Tide & Time: Dunbar’s Festival of the Sea event.

Providing a stall with facts to learn, information to absorb and activities to enjoy.



We are super excited to welcome the British Marine Diver Marine Mammal Rescue Service to Tide & Time: Dunbar’s Festival of the Sea!

This is what they had to say when we asked what does this valuable organisation do?

“The main function is to interact with people, young and old, to highlight the work we do as marine mammal medics. Not just seals but other mammals such as dolphins and whales. We rely heavily on the public to inform us of sightings and to be aware how to contact us. Often seal pups are just exhausted and need time to lie on the rocks/beach and get there strength back before heading back to sea. At other times they will be assessed and taken for veterinary care or rehab. Public cooperation is vital at these times to ensure we can provide the best outcome.”

Why not visit them at their stall at the festival to find out more, what you can do to help and who to contact if you find a little lost mammal.....

“We are thrilled to welcome Shianfolk as performers to our Tide & Time festival. A plethora of instruments are played, and along with their vocal harmonies, a wonderfully unique sound is produced. Shianfolk is a true asset to Scottish music and not to be missed!”