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A lot of you will know Barry Brunton, creel fisherman, farmer and now entertainer. Barry’s new boat is a Cygnus GM21  "Lynsey B", currently under construction and should be launched this coming season. She is a sturdy inshore fishing vessel and workboat, suitable for single-handed working and year-round use. Her design features include a high upright stern with a fine waterline entry, full low bilges, full displacement long keel and transom stern, producing a stable and seaworthy hull of exceptional quality. Working off a beach is easily done.

This vessel has become the accepted standard for many inshore fishing boats, with 30 years of production she is a very sea-friendly vessel. A moulded cuddy can be built from GRP or traditional hardwood.

Follow Barry on his fun videos (and don’t forget to ‘like’ his pages):  https://youtu.be/Wm_SLaR3zC8



"Good luck, Barry, hope you finish soon. Some fish or lobsters would be nice......."

Photos from Barry’s Youtube      Click <<READ MORE>> for his much-awaited delivery.

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Aerobatics were spectacularly performed (unintentionally) onto the sand, Sunday Jan. 26th.

Fortunately no-one was hurt, though someone's wallet was badly damaged.

Handbrakes were mentioned afterwards (!)

Photo from Dunbar Online FB

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With this year’s Loony Dook some of Dunbar’s reckless residents, watched by more-sensible people, shook off their Hogmanay celebrations and hurled themselves into the North Sea and thence into 2020. The weather was cool and crystal clear. 

The RNLI was in attendance to stop them swimming to Norway whilst the rowing skiff crew cruised offshore, supping mulled wine and munching mince pies in the low, winter sunshine.

This event is becoming more popular so get your name down for 2021.

Photos from social media

Click <<READ MORE>> for the RNLI photo.

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The Rowing Club has made the most of cold, clear days, drinking mulled wine, and eating mince pies. Oh, yes, and sometimes they've been rowing too.

Bob Fleet took this super photo --- here they are, shadows on the harbour entry wall, 'Waving on the Waves' to wish you all a .........

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!    

Click READ MORE to see Santa hiding on the Poo Buoy (photo #2 by Kenny Maule)

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We're very pleased to give you advance notice (warning?) of the Battery's next project. We'll be walking 134 miles across Scotland to tell the story of Dunbar's most celebrated son, John Muir.

There'll be more information on dates in the new year, but we look forward to you joining us in June 2020. Mark your diary.

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Everybody thinks they know our boats, however can you guess this one?

She’s named after the brightest star in the constellation of Boötes, and the third-brightest star in the night sky. 

  • photo #1: at night in Broadhaven
  • photo #2, off the Breakwater (click READ MORE)
  • answer is on the READ MORE, next page, in very small font
  • prize for correct answer: a small smile of self-satisfaction

photos by kenny Maule

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Well, we all know the harbours are beautiful spring, summer, and autumn, however winter visits can also make your heart sing.

  • photo #1: all the commercial boats bunched up in Cromwell, taking refuge from an 8ft. swell. The low, winter sun accentuates the colours.
  • photo #2: an appreciative stroller spots the full moon rising from the east. The telescope is ideal to view events like this (but NOT the sun!) 

Click READ MORE to see photo #2

photos by Kenny Maule

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"Masters will be responsible for the conduct of and fully accountable for any loss, injury or damage, or nuisance caused or committed by their crew, agents or guests while on board a vessel or on duty within the Harbour."

Recently there was a significant oil spillage into the harbour. This is considered to be avoidable and the Chairman has written to the owner. It was also agreed that an oil spillage kit will be procured and that anyone causing such a spillage will be charged for the clear-up (an amount that is likely to be in excess of £400 for a minor spillage and very much more if Briggs Marine have to be involved).

All commercial users will be advised of the need to be vigilant to keep their oil on their vessel and not allow it to escape into the harbour. Spillages cause many environmental problems and the fumes 'stick around' because the harbour-walls make a biscuit-tin effect, gasp.....

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Recently a sperm whale, stranded on the Isle of Harris, died with a 100kg "litter ball" in its stomach. Fishing nets, rope, packing straps, bags and plastic cups were among the items discovered in a compacted mass. We're all guilty.

Locals said: "We walk on these beaches nearly every day and pick up litter, most of which is fishing-related.”

photo #1 courtesy SMASS (Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme), photo #2 by Kenny Maule

Click READ MORE for some of our very own, our very own, rubbish 

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In recent years the sand from the East Beach has been disappearing, leaving ugly rocks and undermining Lamer St.

The Dunbar Shore and Harbour Neighbourhood Group (DSHNG), led with enormous energy by Pippa Swan, have made welcome plans for two breakwaters. Supported by the Council, work will start in Feb 2020 on the south breakwater, weather allowing. A further marine licence will be required for the northern breakwater to start just afterwards, early in 2020.

Tons of beach kelp have been distributed to Winterfield Golf Course, Phantassie, and the Community Gardens. Meanwhile, luckily, there has been a discernible return of sand, aggregating from the SE.   Fingers crossed….

Dave Northcott explained the project at the DCC meeting on Monday 16th December. There will be a ELC public information session to be held on Monday 13th January 2 – 7pm at Bleachingfields. All invited.

photo by Kenny Maule

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