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Report from Dunbar RNLI:  "Dunbar’s volunteer lifeboat crew had a rude awakening on the morning of Feb.9th when the pagers went off at 2.25am to join our RNLI colleagues from Anstruther in assisting a fishing boat stranded without power near the Isle of May.

The Ullapool-registered vessel had lost its steering then suffered engine failure after setting sail from Eyemouth for a night’s fishing at midnight.
When Dunbar’s all-weather Trent class lifeboat arrived on scene Anstruther’s Mersey class had already begun towing the fishing boat towards Pittenweem harbour in the hope that the pair of lifeboats would be able to manoeuvre the vessel in there. Dunbar’s ALB took over the tow but by 4am it was clear, with an ebbing tide, that it would not be possible to safely enter the harbour. The decision was taken to take the boat to Methil, where the tide would be favourable at around 11am. In worsening conditions, amid three metre waves and high winds with gusts of up to 60mph, the two crews safely moored the boat into Methil harbour shortly after 11am.
Dunbar deputy second coxswain Gordon Mackay said: 'It was a tricky job in challenging conditions and we were delighted it went well.'

We are grateful to the help of Anstruther crew and in particular Will Wood who joined us on board to provide vital local knowledge. We’re also grateful to Leanne Taylor, helm at Kinghorn lifeboat, who was on duty at Methil and kindly provided some much-needed sustenance after ten hours at sea!"

Photo from Dunbar RNLI's FB page.

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The illegal poaching of lobsters proved to be expensive for one fisherman in East Lothian this month who was fined £480 in the courts - good news for Dunbar’s fishermen who work hard to make an honest living from the sea.

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Dunbar Harbour Trust is the voluntary body charged with running and developing the harbour for the benefit of its users and the wider community. The board is seeking to appoint individuals with a keen interest in Dunbar Harbour and its surrounding areas who feel they could make a contribution to help care for and utilise this important property. Applicants with a legal background or specific skills in project management and accountancy will be assets to the Board.

These positions are voluntary and are normally for an initial period of three years. For further information and an application pack please contact:--

Barry Fisher - Director Letham Villa, Mayville Park, DUNBAR, EH41 1AH or call 07919445962 or visit our website at www.dunbarharbourtrust.co.uk

Closing date for applications is 27th March 2020 Selection of the new Directors will be by interview. The appointing body will be made up by the following three persons –

  1. The Chair of Dunbar Harbour Trust
  2. A person who is not a Director, considered to represent the interests of one or more of the groups interested in Dunbar Harbour.
  3. The chief executive of East Lothian Council or the nominee of the chief executive.

      Alasdair Swan Chairman 13th February 2020

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August 1 & 2. The Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group – “THE MERCHANT OF VENICE”    “…If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”.  An exciting opportunity to see the renowned EGTG actors  at the Dunbar Battery. EGTG will undertake a modern slant on this classic Shakespearean comedy of justice, mercy, revenge, love and friendship.

Photo courtesy the EGTG

Bands at the Battery 4
Great news! We can announce that ELC and ELJam have agreed to continue to support the Dunbar Battery with technical expertise and equipment to allow this annual day of music to take place again this year.
A date for the diary....Saturday 20th June (2nd weekend of Civic Week).
We will be looking for local musicians, bands and singers to take part - so please get in touch.

Also for the diary:

  • Civic Week: June 13--20th
  • Lifeboat: Fete July 4th
  • Sparkling Dunbar Harbour Festival, August 15, 2020 from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Get the date in your diary for the usual harbourside fun, food and music!


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On February 4th you may have noticed a photographer suffering from ‘long-exposure’. He was on the North Wall for several hours in the cold, but with a winter sun, using his landscape, full format Nikon to take 'long exposure' shots down the coast of the wave action against the rocks.

Photo by Kenny Maule

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Claire above says: “I wondered anyone might consider a small corporate or personal sponsorship of my latest fundraiser for The Fishermen’s Mission in Eyemouth. I am taking up the FitMish139 challenge which is a campaign for all our friends and family to raise £139 in celebration of our 139th birthday this year. My challenge is that I am running 5k every day for 139 days for The Fishermen's Mission because I want to raise vital funds for our work.  I started on 1st January 2020, running through the Northumberland and Scottish Borderlands, “The Land of the Far Horizons”. I want to raise funds to make someone else happy and make a real difference to the lives of our fishermen and their families.  

D-Day (Done Day) I might need new knees and hips but it’s the least I can endure for our fishermen who persevere through far worse.

Please take a look at my blog on the link below and sponsor me, every little helps!   A lot of the work that I do goes unseen in Eyemouth as I visit and support/help in practical and pastoral ways to local working and retired fishermen.  I help fishermen up and down the East coast of Scotland up to Leith and down to Craster/Seahouses, so getting out of the car and using my legs is a relief.  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ClaireMcIntosh. Or just call me on 07917 754528 and pledge. Many thanks, Claire”

Click <<READ MORE>> for photo #2

Photos from Claire’s website

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NEPTUN 10 is a tugboat built in 2010 and is sailing under the flag of Gibraltar. She sailed from Leith past Dunbar to Torness to liaise with the Wavewalker we highlighted last month.

Her length overall (LOA) is 40 meters and her width is 11.8 meters.

Click <<READ MORE>> for her convoluted track past Dunbar to Torness

Photo #1 by Kenny Maule, #2 from Marine Traffic

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Dunbar Rowing Club's Kenny Maule has been tasked to organise, and lead, the East Lothian legs of the “RowAround Scotland 2020” relay around the coast of Scotland. All 70 member-clubs will  take part, joining up their communities and promoting Scotland’s wonderful coastline and waters along the way. Our St Ayles Skiffs are a class of four-oared rowing skiffs, each actually built by their communities.

Our preliminary planning meeting was held in January at McArthurs Store, clubs attending: North Berwick, Dunbar, Cove, St Abbs, Eyemouth and the ‘Northumberland’ clubs (Amble, Craster, Alnmouth, Whitburn).

East Lothian’s legs will take place during 30 Aug. – 20 Sept. You will see us snaking our way along, 10+ skiffs.

Route: North Berwick, Dunbar, Cove, Pettico Wick, St Abbs, Burnmouth, Tweedmouth, up the Tweed, Paxton House, then overland to St. Mary’s Loch to hand over the baton to Annan, thus completing the ‘circle’ around Scotland. 

For more info, click link:  https://scottishcoastalrowing.org/2020/01/22/celebrating-community-spirit-with-rowaround-scotland-2120/

RowAround Scotland 2020 is supported by the Year of Coasts and Waters 2020 events fund, managed by EventScotland to celebrate its coasts and waters with a year-long programme to shine a spotlight on these vital elements of our seas and landscape.

“The batons are made in sections, the first being the blue-and-white resin mix to form the sea. The pewter skiff was cast and placed in the centre and encased in clear resin with added sections of black walnut and oak, engraved with lettering.”

The Clubs will also trawl nets for research by Oban's research centre (the first time this has been done). Various beach cleans will also be done.

Click <<READ MORE>> for a photo of the superb batons which will be passed along.

Photos courtesy SCRA rowing.

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The digging of foundations and path-widening started, as planned, on Feb 3rd. Levelling the site comes next.

The intention is to have all work complete by mid-April (as agreed with Planners etc).

Click <<READ MORE>> for photo of the archaeologist at work.

Photos by Kenny Maule

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As a result of careless spills of fuel and oil into the harbour the Harbour Trust has recently bought two Spill Response Kits. The small kit is for dealing with spills in the bilge; soaking up spills using special pillows and mats. The big kit is for dealing with spills in the harbour; corralling spills with a 24 metre loop. The materials soak up fuel and oil and repel water.

Spills cause unhealthy, unpleasant smells, pollute our waters damaging wildlife. It is hoped that skippers can be alert and take greater care. Those responsible for a spill will be charged appropriately for ‘Labour, Equipment and Disposal’; it can be very expensive and also an offence. Fishermen are helping the Trust find ways to minimise spills eg: automatic bilge pumps need to be off in harbours.

An outside company, Briggs Marine (£££), will deal with major spills.

Photo by Kenny Maule.

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