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Club member Linda Greig went to Tasmania to take part in a charity, long-range row (120km) in the ocean, through islands, and in rivers.



Club rowing off Sunny Dunny in February including a visiting rower from Stornoway.





Dunbar Harbour is seeing lots of activity as chains & moorings are checked and any necessary maintenance carried out in preparation for the new season. Hull preparation, mechanical and electrical equipment and safety gear all need to be checked before launch. Dunbar’s all weather lifeboat also has a spring clean and has made a short trip down to Eyemouth for a regular bottom scrub along with some routine maintenance.

On the 13th January waves coming over the North Wall of Victoria Harbour can be seen above McArthur’s Store.




Fencing at the end of the Victoria Harbour will be repaired to increase the safety and appearance of the far end of the harbour.

Beyond this lies the site of Durbar’s hatchery and for anyone who does not know the story of this hatchery all will be revealed by a discussion with Gordon Easingwood and Dunbar’s History Society in the Town House.



Andrew Brown and Eric Robertson have joined the Dunbar Harbour Trust Board. Andrew is a Quantity Surveyor with skills to help us with improvement projects.

Eric runs his own design business, is a harbour resident and boat owner who will work to solve problems on site.



New blue harbour railings have been installed by local company ICI Fabricators Ltd. The new interpretation boards explain the many different activities & points of interest that go to make Dunbar Harbour the special place that it is.

The ELC Civic Pride fund has kindly awarded Dunbar a grant to enable the crumbling steps on the north Wall to be replaced. This will enhance the look of the harbour as well as providing proper access to the boats. The work will be undertaken in the coming months by A G Thomson.





Casualty Review Panel statistics from 2007 – 2013 show that 148 lives may have been saved by wearing a lifejacket or buoyancy aid. Wearing a lifejacket can increase your chances of survival by up to four times when immersed in cold water. Wearing a well fitted and suitable lifejacket or buoyancy aid, could save your life. In addition you should carry a means of raising an alarm, know how to call for help, check weather conditions & tides before going to sea






Further wall repairs to the Cromwell Harbour are due to start in January 2017. This project continues the most important work of grouting of the wall core and strengthening of both sides of the parapets.  DHT are grateful for the funding from Viridor, Marine Scotland and Historic Environment Scotland. Three tenders were received with A G Thomson being awarded the contract.  

Another inspection of harbour walls will take place Spring 2017.

To participate in the recycle for Scotland week September we’ve been sponsored by Zero Waste Dunbar to install recycling bins at the harbour. Our Harbour Master asked for volunteers to assist with a coastal litter survey and pick. The Marine Litter Survey results from 23 people collecting for about an hour show that they gathered the following....

Cigarette butts 245 - Rubber gloves 213 - Tin Cans 157 - 

Plastic bottles 138 - Foil Food wrappers 67 - Cardboard / paper 28 -

Metal objects 12 - Fishing tackle 10 - Broken creel parts 9 - Dog poo bags 8 -

This exercise may help increase awareness of the issue and help develop a strategy to reduce litter.

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