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We have had glaucous gulls, eider ducks and many other species spotted here but Dunbar Harbour is one of the best places to spot Kittiwakes. These are a medium-sized gull, with small yellow bill, dark eye, grey back and white underneath and  their little legs are short and black. In flight,the black wing-tips show no white, unlike other gulls, and look as if they have been 'dipped in ink'.These are the most oceanic gull and the individuals from our  breeding colonies spend roughly half of the year at sea. From February till August Dunbar Harbour is home to  the most accessible Kittiwake colony in the UK in  the ruins of Dunbar Castle.

Members of the Rotary Club of Dunbar planted five thousand purple crocus corms on the path leading up to the Battery at the Harbour.This is part of  Rotary's worldwide campaign to eradicate polio, with the purple colour representing the purple dye used to mark the finger of a child to indicate they have received their oral  polio vaccine.
Eradicating polio has been Rotary's humanitarian focus for over 30 years

From baby seals surrounded by  plastic waste to a gannet tangled up in a coil of twine the impact humans can wreak on their local wildlife is devastating. This is what animals in the Firth of Forth are faced with on a daily basis, with conservation chiefs naming plastic as “by far the worst offender” when it comes to pollution on our beaches. The fishing fleet in Dunbar is participating in the successful project Fishing for Litter which tackles marine litter at sea which reduces marine litter by engaging one of the key stakeholders, the fishing industry.

Proper toilet facilities at the harbour for users and visitors has been a regular demand for many years. The challenge has been to find a solution that is effective without changing the feel of the harbour. The Harbour Trust has come up with an imaginative Plan for the South Pier with low visual impact and a sedum roof.These plans have been submitted for planning approval and details will be available shortly on the Trust’s web-site.

DHT are carrying out repairs to damaged areas of the coal hirst in Cromwell Harbour. The work is being carried out by A G Thomson & Sons.Photo shows the finished repair.







Moorings are available in Dunbar Harbour.Interested parties should  download the  form at Port Operations on our website.  Forms are also available from the Harbour Master.



There are a few moorings available in both the Victoria and Cromwell Harbours in Dunbar for the 2018 season. We can accommodate boats up to 11m.

Please download an Application form which can be found on this site under the Port Operations tab on this page. 

You can also contact the harbour master on 0795 875 4858

Dunbar Harbour Trust would like to wish all harbour users and residents a very happy New Year 2018.




The Battery’s first carol service  took place in December with a fantastic turnout, which left standing room only for any  latecomers. However there was free spicy fruit punch and mince pies on offer, so most people arrived in plenty of time  to queue up for these festive delights to prepare for a hearty bit of singing led by the band..

Artist Julia Barton (right) visited Dunbarlast month with MSP Joan McAlpine in preparation for an exhibition at the Scottish Parliament. Her focus is on the effect of plastics in the sea and the importance of good housekeeping in coastal communities and harbours. Dunbar fishermen play an active role under the guidance of our harbour master by fishing for litter and disposing of it safely, but even a tidy harbour like Dunbar has too much industrial and waste plastic lying around. The Holyrood exhibition is designed to increase awareness of the problem, for any plastic lying around can end up in the harbour.

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