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On Friday 13th April the annual craning in took place. The harbour was a hive of activity and boats were lifted into both the Victoria and Cromwell harbours. The boats and their owners are now anticipating the summer season. The operation was completed smoothly with everyone working together. 



Dunbar Harbour Trust have installed a waste oil tank for the safe disposal of used oil for harbour users.It's essential that you use good practice when you store, handle or dispose of waste oils, especially those that are classed as hazardous or special waste. There are many types of oil and their properties, which may have changed during use and require to be environmentally disposed of. The harbour master will control the use and emptying of this facility.



Robert Wilson's propellor has had a spring makeover. Members of Dunbar Harbour Trust spent a number of days cleaning off surface dust followed by filling, priming and painting. It is now returned to it's original state and well worth a visit.




The RNLI are proposing to extend the access track into the harbour, with a ramp under the lifting bridge. The current access stops short,
meaning that at low tides there is a drop into the water below, which poses a safety hazard. The proposal is to extend the existing track with
a 1:8 gradient concrete ramp projecting into the water. As shown on the drawing below, around a third of this will be buried under the
sand and the sides of the ramp will be battered to reduce the chances of damage to boats by collision with the slipway. The new ramp will
allow safe access to Victoria Harbour by vehicles at all states of the tide,for both the RNLI and other harbour users. 

3pm Sunday 29 April 2018

Christians around the whole of Britain are gathering at coastal locations at 3pm on Sunday 29 April to pray for our nations (Scotland, Wales, and England) using the traditional form of prayer known as "The Rosary".  There will also be some music.  This is open to everyone. Prayers will be taking place at the same time at well over 100 locations around the coast of Britian and its islands.  In Dunbar, the prayers will take place at the Battery and will be led by parishioners from Our Lady of the Waves - with others churches also lending support.

The new sailing season is approaching and in preparation boats will be craned into the harbour on  Friday 13th  April from 0900hrs. Crane  hire is arranged by Dunbar Sailing Club.





The Appointing Body has re-appointed Paul Ingram, John Band and Eric Robertson to serve as trustees and directors for a 3 year term.





The purple crocuses lining the pathway leading visitors to  the Battery are in full bloom. These were planted to raise awareness of the Rotary campaign for a polio free world.




The inshore lifeboat launched in a blizzard to assist a boat owner whose boat had broken it’s stern mooring in the Victoria Harbour.





Thirteen new panels have been installed in both harbours. Six new panels are on the North Pier upper-walkway and seven new panels on the Cromwell Harbour East Pier. These panels have been made available thanks to funding from Viridor, Rotary Club of Dunbar and Scottish Ornithologists Club of Aberlady.




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