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REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY – HARBOUR BEACON LIGHTING, Nov. 11,  meet at 6.30pm. for 7--8 pm.

Join members of the Dunbar Harbour Trust at the Dunbar Battery to witness the lighting of a remembrance beacon in Dunbar Castle. Congregate at the Battery at 6.30 p.m. Through a short collection of music and  Dunbar stories we will remember the Great War.  After the playing of the Last Post we will light our beacon at 7 p.m., at the same time that beacons are being lit up and down the country. The bells of Dunbar will then ring out.

and ... Harbour Users Meeting will be held on 8th Nov. between 6 and 7pm. in the Methodist Church Hall.  All are welcome. The content will follow the usual Powerpoint/Open forum approach.

Last bike run of the 2018 season: started at Carfrae Mill on a damp day, ended at Dunbar Harbour dry and bright, via Ayton, Eyemouth, Coldingham; 22 bikes turned up from as far as Norham and another two from Inverkeithing.

Dunbar Sailing Club again made the clubhouse available and Marie-Florence again supplied tea, coffee and apple pie. It would seem that it was up to its usual standard and no complaints were recorded. Just as well, as a complainer risked getting hit on the head with a tray. It was a pleasure to see so many weel kent faces and some new ones also.

Nobody got lost, nobody broke down and only one rider fell off, but we won't go into that. The RNLI shop wishes to say "thank you" to the members for filling the lifeboat box with change. As they say: 'mony a mickle maks a muckle'.

PS: Craning-Out Day was completed successfully and thanks were passed on to all who were involved.

Jenny-Le is a recent addition to the harbour.

Photo here shows Mark in the lengthy process of making her seaworthy.






Breakwater report from Harbour Trust director Robin Hamilton:

"During September A.G. Thomson brought in 150 tonnes of rock armour to reshape the breakwater, mainly at the Cromwell side to strengthen and raise the level. Also many of the existing larger stones were repositioned on the front face to make better use of them. It is proposed to bring in further rock armour next year after seeing how the strengthened breakwater reacts to Dunbar's winter storms."



These branders are being installed in the Cromwell Harbour to protect the fishing boats in bad weather. The boats will ride against them, thus dampening any surge-effect during storms and will eliminate the risk of the boats being thrown onto the quayside in extreme conditions.

Stop Press: The first of the branders has already been fitted, the remaining installations depend on weather and tidal conditions being suitable and resources being available at those times; it is an ongoing project.

Dunbar Harbour Trust would like to thank the crew of Dunbar RNLI for towing a boat that sank in the harbour to a safe location.

Owners: remember the importance of

* frequently and regularly checking your boat whist it's in the harbour

* especially check before and after periods of bad weather

* keeping your boat well maintained.

Two magazines: Viridor’s National Magazine and the Scottish Ornithologists Club's Winter Magazine have promoted the recent interpretation panels on and around Dunbar's harbour walls.

Jack Mclaughlin was a well-known disc-jockey on the airwaves with (pirate) Radio Scotland during the 1960s. Recently he had heard that he is featured on a panel illustrating Radio Scotland's story. In September he decided to visit Dunbar and was shown the panel on the upper wall of the North Pier of Victoria Harbour.

In total there are 30 interpretation panels, take a stroll and try to find them all. The stories may surprise you.


Our return trip started well from Svolvaer in the Lofoten Islands, Norway, with light winds, we even flew the topsail and the intention was to sail direct to Lerwick but a succession of lows meant that we had to take the inside passage through the fjords.

The only time we needed to go outside the islands was to round the Stadt peninsula, the forecast was Force 5 to 6 but we were caught well and truly. The wind freshened to a storm 10. We blew out the staysail and tore the main, lots of stitching, we found out afterwards that they experience over 100 days-a-year of storm-force winds


October 20, 2018. Historical reenactment.

A superb event from the actors, helpers and organisers of the Soldiers and Sailors of the '45 held on Saturday October 20 at Dunbar Battery. A great day of drama, meeting the 'protagonists', and seeing the various drills and demonstrations.




Bait, chill store receives its attractive cladding in larch wood, which will weather very nicely.


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