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The redshank is a medium-size wader which nervously walks, runs, wades and swims and alerts other birds with a "tew, tew"; generally alone but occasionally with others.
Lives in marshes on the coast and inland but winters on the coastline, feeding happily on shellfish, shrimp, insects, crabs, and sand-flies.
The nest is made by the female, eggs are laid in May, both parents feed the chicks and the female leaves before the chicks can fly.
Some birds winter in the UK and some migrate to France and Spain.
You'll often see them on the East Beach, Skateraw and at low tide in Broadhaven.
They can live for 30 years.
Nice photo: Redshanks at Skateraw, credit Scott Murray

Ian Combe and Dave Anderson erected a replacement RNLI flag on the castle in strong winds on 2nd Jan. ‘22. This flag was a spare and will be succeeded by a new one, giving Ian and Dave another opportunity to step very, VERY carefully on the castle.

Photo credit Kenny Maule



Recently, the owner of a car and trailer ignored yellow hatchings and a RNLI sign. He blocked in the Calshot lifeboat and then went fishing. Guess what? He later called for help from the same lifeboat station.
The RNLI managed to track down the owner of the car, who was out on the water but he then got into difficulty and requested the assistance of the lifeboat, whose spokesman said: “The ideal asset to launch would have been the Atlantic 85 – the asset blocked into the shed, instead we needed to launch our D Class lifeboat ‘Willett’ to assist.”
Let’s all hope he didn’t then move his car to the Fire Station yellow hatchings.
Photo from marine industry news

Approaching a wind farm: "Mind they blades, son, or ye'll hae yer e'e oot wi' wan o' they." Quentin's new 'life on the ocean wave' has already taken him to the depths and shallows of the chilly North Sea.
Photo by Quentin




There are several cables from windfarms and other grid connections which will make landfall around Dunbar. The importance of capturing feedback from the local fishermen is highly important for the project team.

Scottish Power and National Grid are holding public consultations in Dunbar for the Scotland to England Green Link (SEGL2) https://www.nationalgrid.com/uk/electricity-transmission/document/136836/download) Leaflets will be available at Asda but they wish to avoid large public gatherings, so for the harbour area McArthurs Store is ideal for the fishermen, and other interested members of the public, to come to and gather information on the project when they are free. The information will be available for a four week period, starting on the 1st of February.

Viewing dates arranged by: 

On Friday, 7th of January just before 5pm, becoming dark, several crew were tasked to a 48-year-old man who had fallen 30ft from cliffs near Winterfield Park. The crew had been in a casualty-care course but quickly launched the ILB and started searching along the coastal rocks near the Longcraigs, assisted by a search helicopter. Also involved were coastguard teams from Dunbar, North Berwick and Eyemouth, police and ambulance crews.
The Augusta-Westland helicopter was circling at 300ft with the ILB assisting below, close to the rocks while offshore the ALB waited in attendance. Eventually the casualty was helicoptered to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary; his condition has not been made public but we wish him well.
NB: The helicopter is based at Prestwick, outfitted with radar, auto-hover, full icing protection, night vision systems and infra-red cameras, and capable of a 165-knot max speed over four hours’ endurance.
Photo from Flightradar24

Fiona Kibby has been appointed as Dunbar Harbour’s new harbour master. She will take up her appointment on Monday,  18th April. Fiona has had a very distinguished career in industry and is herself a keen sailor. She has long planned a career change back in her native Scotland and will be living in the centre of our town when she returns in April. The opportunity to work with Dunbar’s inshore fishermen and get involved in the town’s community activities were all part of the reason that Fiona has made this move.

Alasdair Swan, Chair of the Trust, said, “We feel so lucky to have someone with Fiona’s skills joining us. She will naturally pick up the good work started by our previous harbourmaster, Quentin Dimmer, and will add her own ideas and touches to the way the harbour develops. In the interim, we have benefited from the grand help of our local team, Denholm Horsburgh, James Bisset and Ian Combe who have kept the harbour's efficient management going over these winter months. Please give Fiona a warm welcome when she arrives on 18th April 2022.”

Photo from Fiona’s sailing logbook

The award of a grant of £25,150 from Marine Scotland will enable the Harbour Trust to build a new maintenance bay in Broadhaven. For the fishermen this will mean longer periods to work on boats when the tide is out and consequently more days at sea, plus safer access to the boats. 

Robin Hamilton undertook excellent work in raising the award of £25,150, a 50% grant towards the total cost of £50,300. The Harbour Trust will match-fund the other 50% of £25,150. The expectation is to finish by springtime.

Photos by Kenny Maule

Since 2016, Quentin Dimmer has been a well known face around Dunbar Harbour, but he now leaves us at the end of the year to take up a job servicing the windfarm industry off the East Coast. Quentin has developed strong relationships with all of those in the harbour community during his time with us, and probably will want to be remembered most as the champion of the marine environment, encouraging the next generation as well as current harbour users to be aware of how we can look after our harbour and the sea around it. We all wish him the very best in his new challenge.

Recruitment of a new harbourmaster

We are now looking to recruit our next harbourmaster and applications are invited between now and 10th January 2022. Application forms and further details can be obtained from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One of the Brunton boats, Welcome Home, started the day one colour, then a second, then a third. Quick work considering that the tide limits the working-time.

They must use fast-drying paint.

Quiz: what colour did it finally end up? You can peer into the harbour to find the answer.

Photo credit Kenny Maule.

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