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Alison grew up in Edinburgh and has recently moved to Dunbar. She sailed around the world in the Clipper Around the World yacht race 9-10 and is a member of the Royal St. George Yacht Club, Dún Laoghaire in Co Dublin from her time living in Dublin. She is also a member of the Dunbar Sailing Club and volunteers in the RNLI Dunbar High Street shop. She loves adventure and has completed the 3-peak challenge, Killamanjaro and Machu Picchu.

She works for an international software company as a VP of Operations with a global team.She is learning to surf and loves paddleboarding around Dunbar. She joined the Trust in 2022.



Repairs to undermining of the North Wall started at 7.30am on 3rd March

Notification to all Harbour residents about these major projects had been distributed beforehand, informing everyone of the expected works.

Repairs to the undermining of the North Wall. AG Thomson had over 10 men involved, 6 items of plant and a hired spider crane. The low-tide work is being carried out in tidal windows 3rd to 5th March & 18th to 22nd March

An additional method: concrete rings have been used as shutters and wave protection for undermining areas. The rings are positioned beside the undermining with steel pins driven into rock, bolted together, then filled with ‘underwater’ concrete so they act as one unit.

In addition, a list of works scheduled during March and April:-- improvements to the maintenance bay, breakwater, lifting bridge, new bollards in Cromwell, entrance handrail & pointing and filling voids / defects / trip hazards.

Most of the costs will be funded from Marine Scotland Grants (general repairs £80k, maintenance bay £25k, with matching funding from the Harbour Trust).

All overseen by our ‘Man on Manoeuvres’, Robin Hamilton.

“ Here, it’s awfy expensive wi’ thae big machines.”

All local schools Innerwick, Stenton, West Barns, East Linton & Belhaven Hill now have marine ply boards and aim to complete their murals by the end of April. We have asked schools to consider harbour people, equipment & buildings etc. as new topics. The original five panels by Dunbar Primary will be erected again, showing local wildlife.

Robin Hamilton and John Band will varnish and arrange the mounting at the harbour. James Bissett plans to power wash the walls before the murals’ installation. Teamwork!

The school panels are underway, 10 in total.

Photo by Kenny Maule showing “the Belhaven Hill creativity in progress”.

On March 24th Avril Anderson returned to resume her work in McArthurs Store, as Harbour Trust bookkeeper.

“I‘m pleased to be back in the office today after working from home. It has been a very long two years away! Now I’ll have to get these fishermen, yachties and paperwork back in order.”

Quentin, when briefly back on-shore, has been helping Avril go through all the mooring applications (there’s a lot) plus Ian Combe and Eric Robertson have also been very helpful. Many thanks to all.

Photo from Avril


“T’was all on a fine March day”

On March 28th at midday, Barry Brunton’s carefully-constructed creel boat, ‘Lynsey B’, was craned into Cromwell Harbour to much applause from the gathered crowd. This much-awaited event was accompanied by drones, cameras, jokes, backslaps, and a champagne-spray launch.

At only double the time and double the budget, he has been much more efficient than any known government project.

Barry wishes to thank everyone for their support through a long build. “There’ll be many adventures and I’ll see you ‘all at sea’, guys. “

Launch video by Jeff Carter

Photo by Jon Fleetwood

‘Diamond D’, a prawn trawler, was on passage between Eyemouth and North Shields, on 16 Aug. 2020, relocating the boat in order to carry out a survey and maintenance. En-route the two crew was trawling to catch fish, during which the net snagged on the seabed.

‘Diamond D’ started to list as the crew attempted to recover the net by hauling in. The list worsened considerably, and the vessel sank. The crew abandoned to a liferaft and activated their emergency beacon and were subsequently rescued by the local lifeboat.

Safety Issues

  • hull damage caused by trawl doors hitting the hull as crew attempted to uncross towing wires
  • flooding not noticed until it was too late
  • crew did not hear the bilge alarm because they left the wheelhouse unmanned and were totally focused on recovering the gear


Fishing vessel crews should be prepared for flooding emergencies, regularly check under waterline spaces and wear PFDs at all times while on deck.

Photos from MAIB

At the beginning of the season your checks are more important than ever. Here are some of Sea Start’s top tips to help your boating throughout the year. It’s a long, but vital, list. Sea Start’s work involves towing broken-down boats – they’re often busy.

Don’t forget your pre-season checks

Photo from Sea Start.

McArthurs Store heating broke down recently and had to be repaired soonest as the building’s fabric must be maintained at 5 deg.C to preserve its traditional lime mortar and we don’t want those fishermen freezing in their stores.

This was also a good time to replace the storm damaged flue.

Photo by Kenny Maule.

BIG EVENT:  the launch of ‘Lynsey B’ is planned for Monday, 28th of March, around 11am.

Barry Brunton has taken several years outfitting his boat to the highest quality. Beavering away, hidden from prying eyes in his farm shed but showcased on facebook and YouTube.Remember to ‘Subscribe’  and ‘Like’ on  One Man And His Boat - YouTube

Launch details: Launch news
Want to watch the building of a fine craft? — see Barry’s 100+  YouTube videos, funny and informative. 

It’s true, Sunny Dunny is sunny, even in wintertime, folks.
Look closely, the BBC have marked it!





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