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On 24 July 2019 at Loch Carnan, Outer Hebrides, the owner/skipper of the single-handed creel fishing boat, May C, was found close to his boat in the sea and unconscious by the crew of another small boat. He was recovered onto the walkway of a fish farm to commence CPR. Unable to revive him, they then took him to a nearby jetty where an ambulance was in attendance. Despite being taken ashore, May C’s skipper could not be resuscitated and the postmortem examination established that he had drowned. The weather conditions were fine with calm seas and a gentle breeze; the sea temperature was 14°C.

Safety Lessons

  • Most likely he fell overboard and drowned while trying to clear weed or some other obstruction from his propeller. 
  • He was not wearing his personal flotation device (PFD) or carrying his personal locator beacon (PLB).
  • Single-handed fishing operations are extremely hazardous, primarily because there is no-one there to help if you get into difficulties. 
  • Every fishing vessel should have a method of recovering a man overboard back into the boat. The fact that the two crew of the boat who found May C’s skipper were unable to immediately recover him out of the water is testament of the extreme physical effort required to haul someone out of the sea. 

MAIB’s investigation reports are posted on: www.gov.uk/maib

Photo courtesy the MAIB website

During August there were several 'gushes' from the pipe leading into Broadhaven. This pipe is intended to release only excess surface water. The Trust and the Harbourmaster badgered SEPA who badgered Scottish Water who then made several repairs to the pipe without result. Further investigation revealed a 'fat' blockage further up the line, diverting waste-water the wrong way. After repairs to this, the fault was cured.

Photos by Kenny Maule. (1) 'waste water' evidence. Click <<READ MORE>> for photo (2) repair crew 'in action'.

Arte -- a TV company, much-watched in France, Germany and around the world, interviewed Dunbar's Roy Pugh for a programme on Black Agnes and her heroics during a 6-month seige in 1338. You can watch it here (there is an option to change the language)

Arte TV, link  https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/099163-000-A/a-dunbar-n-enervez-pas-la-comtesse/

Photo 1: Roy recounting history. Click <<READ MORE>> for photo 2: Black Agnes in action!

Barry says: "we are lucky enough to have the best sign writer in East Lothian to come to the One Man and His Boat shed, and paint on our carvings and markings on the Lynsey B's hull."   

'Thomas Paints' signwriting, 07519 953857, signwriting, gold-leaf etc.

Watch Barry on youtube: remember to Like, or even better, to Subscribe to his films


Photos from Barry's youtube site. Click <<READ MORE>> for photo of the finished job.

16th to 23rd September.

There was a temporary 8 days partial closure of the main slipway and restricted access between the inner and outer harbours. At Broadhaven slipway and under the bridge, the divers and workers were busy making alterations to the slipway extension in order to improve tidal access for the RNLI's ILB.  

Watching the works was a spectacle for viewers. The slipway has been extended 9m from its west edge directly into Victoria Harbour.

Photos by Kenny Maule, Click <<READ MORE>> for a 'ghostly' photo 2










The defibrillator, which was on the Sailing Club wall, disappeared from its green box on 25th August. The appropriate department is now aware.

If anyone has any information, please contact:-- Harbour Master (07958 754858, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or the RNLI (01368 863966, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

photo by Kenny Maule


We all like to spot phenomena in Dunbar's big sky. Crepuscular rays or "God's rays" are sunbeams that originate when the sun is below the horizon, during twilight hours, dawn or dusk. Crepuscular rays, noticeable when the contrast between light and dark is most obvious, are shafts of light seen just after sunset or before sunrise, radiating from the position of the sun below the horizon. They form when the sun is behind an irregularly-shaped cloud or mountain which lets the rays of the sun pass through in bands.. 

Crepuscular comes from the Latin word "crepusculum", meaning twilight.
photo by Kenny Maule

The Bridge to Nowhere  

A Triptych (three panels side-by-side) by an excellent 'visual storyteller', many thanks to Owen MacDonald.


As Scotland emerges from the Lockdown, Dunbar Coastal Rowing Club are beginning to prepare to return to the water. We are cleaning our skiffs, risk assessing, putting Covid measures in place to keep us all safe, and airing our new beach shelter.


We hope to be back out on the water, rowing for pleasure, in the near future. If this looks like fun and you would like to join us, we would be happy to hear from you. We will gladly take your details and when the time is right we will contact you and offer a Taster session where you can come out on the water with us and decide if you would like to be part of the Club.  



Contact: secretary@dunbarcoastalrowing.org.uk

photo 1: credit Christine Mincher, photo 2: credit Rosie Patrick.

Click <<READ MORE>> for photo 2, the new beach shelter

Due to recent social distancing, Core Dunbar temporarily used the Battery (plenty of ventilation) for Pilates, yoga & massage therapy. 

‘Core’ is a relaxing space dedicated to helping you to become relaxed, stronger, focused, flexible. In this photo they're taking advantage of a pleasant evening outside at the Battery. Core offers Pilates, yoga and massage therapy and can provide you with a unique combination of these to suit your requirements.  You can book one-to-one sessions, or therapy appointments.

To find out more, contact:-- Tel: 07890618755, 49 High Street, Dunbar, East Lothian, EH42 1EW, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo from Core Dunbar

If you wish to use the Battery for any events, please contact: https://dunbarbattery.org.uk/booking-of-events/

Have any questions? Give us a call 01368 865 404