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An ode to appreciation of the beauty of the sea:--

You need a discerning eye and a contemplative soul to enjoy coastal life. Since the first lockdown I have paced almost every morning along the beach, the pier and the hills close by. Each day brings new variety to my photo collection of my walks. The sea has a wonderful translucence in still weather, and an invigorating turbulence during gales. The tide sets a different scene every day. The sky has infinite patterns according to mist, fog descending, fog clearing and, of course, clouds that linger or scud. Stand on the glassy-wet beach when the tide is out, and you can see sunrises under your feet as well as stretching above your head.

By Yvonne Williams, Ryde, Isle of Wight, a heartfelt letter

Photo of Ellie Coyle’s painting, snapped by her mum.

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