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Repairs to undermining of the North Wall started at 7.30am on 3rd March

Notification to all Harbour residents about these major projects had been distributed beforehand, informing everyone of the expected works.

Repairs to the undermining of the North Wall. AG Thomson had over 10 men involved, 6 items of plant and a hired spider crane. The low-tide work is being carried out in tidal windows 3rd to 5th March & 18th to 22nd March

An additional method: concrete rings have been used as shutters and wave protection for undermining areas. The rings are positioned beside the undermining with steel pins driven into rock, bolted together, then filled with ‘underwater’ concrete so they act as one unit.

In addition, a list of works scheduled during March and April:-- improvements to the maintenance bay, breakwater, lifting bridge, new bollards in Cromwell, entrance handrail & pointing and filling voids / defects / trip hazards.

Most of the costs will be funded from Marine Scotland Grants (general repairs £80k, maintenance bay £25k, with matching funding from the Harbour Trust).

All overseen by our ‘Man on Manoeuvres’, Robin Hamilton.

“ Here, it’s awfy expensive wi’ thae big machines.”

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