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Dunbar’s harbourmaster, Quentin Dimmer, has agreed to keep aside ropes, nets and other selected plastics to help supply Ocean Plastic Pots. Quentin says, “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Ocean Plastic pots - Plant Pots made in Scotland from 100% Rope & Fishing Net. Helping reduce marine pollution and our aspiration of becoming a truly zero-waste harbour, it's a win/win - buy your pots and support this exciting new business.” https://oceanplasticpots.com

Additionally Belhaven Lobsters states, “Today we finally got the chance to meet Ally from Ocean Plastic Pots. These fantastic flower pots are manufactured from recycled fishing ropes and nets and as we aim to reduce waste associated with the fishing industry, teaming up with Ally seemed like a no-brainer. These materials would have otherwise ended up as landfill or flotsam. After initial discussions, we were delighted that we could aid in the link-up between Ocean Plastic Pots and Dunbar Harbour". 

Photo credit:  Belhaven Lobsters

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