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Did you notice on the map that ‘Forth’ is spelled wrongly? Duh and tut, tut!

However, it was a good result. Our Scottish seas are rich in marine life. The waters of the Firth of Forth and St Andrews Bay attract one of the largest and most diverse Scottish, marine, bird concentrations. Over 35% of the eider and over 23% of the velvet scoter British wintering populations, along with the largest Scottish concentration of red-throated divers and little gulls spend winter here. In summer, thousands of gannets, kittiwakes, puffins and the largest Scottish concentration of common terns use these waters as feeding grounds. More than 1% of the GB populations for each of the other 13 species make up this assemblage. The area shown below is proposed as a Special Protection Area (SPA) because it supports important populations of 21 species of marine birds. The proposed SPA will help protect the birds themselves as well as the rich feeding grounds and sheltered waters on which they depend.

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Photo from Nature.scot website

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