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The Dunbar Harbour Trust held an informal event on Thurs 28th Jan, to share our ‘What If...’ aspirations. The evening was a success (derived from positive feedback). Sustaining Dunbar were facilitating the event and had many enquiries from people who were unable to attend, so this memorable event has now been published on Sustaining Dunbar’s website. 

Click here for full details, including presentations:--- 


Achievements during 2020 included:

  • Erection of a permanent gate at the North Wall to prevent people from walking along the north side during over-topping.
  • Installation of the first part of the barrier to prevent the forklift truck falling into Victoria Harbour.
  • Installation of AIS repeater
  • Upgrading of leading lights
  • Introduction of full CCTV coverage
  • Introduction of a new reporting system
  • A review of three risks at every Board Meeting
  • Certification and inspection records for harbour equipment improved.
  • Safety guidance for leisure users issued
  • Checks on qualifications of new applicants introduced
  • Local contractor appointed to inspect lifting gear.
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