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Our local geese have been busy filling our skies. It gets so crowded up there they have to honk to keep the others out of their way, according to a friend who knows nothing about geese!

Aberlady's Website, "Nearby Aberlady Bay is a famous night-time roost for these pink-footed geese (above) in September and October, and they can regularly be seen moving off the bay at dawn to feed in the surrounding fields and returning there at dusk in huge numbers. They have migrated from Iceland and Greenland and some stay for the winter while others move further south into England. Over 20,000 geese pass through Aberlady.  Most of the geese that stop off at Aberlady are Pink-footed geese, but in amongst the huge flocks are Barnacle, Brent, Greylag and even the odd Snow goose."

Website for info: Aberlady birds    Photo by ELC Ranger.

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