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Davie Kittrick of Dunbar Lifeboat, seen above, was on the BBC News on Sunday December 27th., discussing the bravery of the Dunbar Lifeboat crew – and of one volunteer in particular. The story has been movingly recalled by a survivor pulled from the sea in a force-ten gale 50 years ago. Martin Stephen, now 71, owes his life to the courage of David Brunton who, despite not being a strong swimmer, jumped into the treacherous swell as Martin sank unconscious beneath the waves. Martin had tried and failed to rescue his 11-year-old cousin David Jeffrey who had been swept off the rocks at the entrance to Dunbar Harbour by a freak wave on December 23rd, 1970.

Martin said: “I had been face down in the water for several minutes and was told later that Mr Brunton had dived in fully-clothed as I started to sink.”  Details:https://rnli.org/news-and-media/2020/december/10/50-years-on-survivor-tells-dunbar-lifeboat-crew-i-owe-you-everything 

Photos from the BBC. Click <<READ MORE>> for photo 2, Davie Kittrick, on behalf of the RNLI, accepting thanks from Martin Stephen.


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