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Most days and nights, summer and winter, the North Wall usually has several anglers. Your roving reporter braved a cold night to interview three of them.

Q & A:

  • What do they catch? --- red cod all-year round, green cod during Oct--March, 
  • How long do they fish in the night? --- 3 hours, sometimes 6hrs
  • Why do they have so many rod-lights? --- usually red lights on the rod-end, also green lights on their floats to attract fish. They tie a bell onto the rod to alert them, otherwise some bigger fish can pull the whole rod over the wall. 
  • What is the best weather? --- when there is heavy surf; it raises the food for the fish.
  • Who eats the caught fish? --- mainly their family; sometimes they get no fish, sometimes too much, 
  • Do these anglers get any sleep? --- yes, maybe 4 hrs after fishing, and a couple of hours later in the afternoon.
  • Do the fish get any sleep? --- cod can sleep by emptying their swim-bladder and sinking to the bottom (unlike mackerel who are constantly awake). 
  • Are there any female anglers? --- yes, but not many.
  • Are the anglers in a club? ---  generally not, they just meet each other mainly by chance.

Photos by Kenny Maule.  Click <<READ MORE>> for photo 2, the unappetising bait.


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