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Harbour Master Quentin has completed setting up Dunbar Harbour Trust as a Marine Traffic AIS land station as part of an enhancement to the Harbour Trust’s safety plan. Previously there was a ‘blank spot’ ie: no upload onto the web of any AIS data from the harbour and surrounding area. This is a safety improvement for harbour users, allowing the RNLI station to locate vessels' positions in the area quicker and to relay that information when necessary. 

Quentin has added the AIS Land Station link to a menu item under Port Operations on the Trust’s website. Link below (not much happening until after the holiday season)  https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-2.513/centery:56.004/zoom:13 

You can play with the left-side menus for layers  eg: 

  • The 'Projected Course' for showing boats’ directions.
  • Satellite, dark map, simple map etc. 
  • Create a ‘fleet’ of the boats you most wish to monitor, 
  • Search for a boat.
  • Hover your mouse icon over a boat to see its speed/destination. 
  • Click the boat to see photos and information

Photos by Kenny Maule.  Click <<READ MORE>> for photo 2, Quentin atop his 'castle', setting up the aerial.



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