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On the scent of …….. Fergus, a flat-coated retriever. In the best tradition of tabloid reporting and dodgy puns here is a shaggy-dog ‘tail’.

The ILB crew was briefed: “There’s a wet dug on they rocks at Belhaven. Fetch!” It was a slim lead, just a sniff but they set off, on the scent, engine snarling. The ILB arrived at the rocks, saw Fergus was ‘terrier’fied and bedraggled, with a hang-dog expression. He had been hounding birds, in ‘pup’suit of a young gannet and had ‘pawsed’ on the rocks, Toto-ally ‘pup’lexed. One of the crew disem’bark’ed then collared Fergus and man-handled him into the boat. Retriever retrieved …..  It had been a ‘ruff’ day, so he’ll be kept on a short leash noo!

Photo credit Dunbar RNLI, fb page

Video:https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157987161103175&id=560288174 (credit Gordon Kirkham)

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