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4th June: The Harbour Master was alerted to a kayaker in the water in the harbour entrance. He was an inexperienced individual but managed to exit the water using the harbour entrance steps – he was then interviewed, debriefed and given guidance by the HM.

8th of June:  A kayak again: second capsize in a few days at the harbour entrance. There was a breaking swell in the harbour entrance -- a well-known danger.

These were case studies in how ‘not to go to sea’, with inadequate preparations and/or no life jackets. So the Trust decided to put the above ‘Beware’ notice at the bridge, where it is easily read, warning of the dangers of transiting traffic and breaking waves at the harbour entrance.

Click <<READ MORE>> below for photo 2, Iain and Gabi, paddleboarding with care, appropriate wetsuits, local knowledge, weather forecast, and VHF radio.

Photos by Kenny Maule.



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