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Comet Neowise: in July the comet's best visibility switched from dawn to dusk, low in the north-northwest around the end of twilight. Far below the Great Bear and a little to the right. Neowise gained altitude late in evening twilight as it faded further over the period. There were some cloudy evenings so it was sometimes obscured but, with patience, it was often dimly visible to the naked eye, though binoculars did better. Gorgeous yellow color in the binos.

Photo cleverly taken by Owen MacDonald, visual storyteller.

It's also been a good month for the planets: 

  • Jupiter and Saturn, both very bright in the south, evening sky,
  • Uranus in the east and Neptune just before dawn, about midway between Venus and Mars.
  • Venus at the beginning of dawn and shining brightly in the east.
  • Mars due east around midnight.
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