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There have been many RNLI and Coastguard rescues recently, here are just a few:

July 6, following a report of people struggling in the water at Belhaven Bay the ILB launched and was very quickly on scene. The crew arrived to find the party of one adult and two children had been helped ashore by other members of the public. Paramedics also arrived to assess, as the adult had taken in a lot of water. ILB helm Alan Blair said: “On this occasion the casualties were helped out of the water before we got there but we would always advise that people swim within their abilities, stay close to the shore and make sure they have someone keeping watch. Flotation devices or buoyancy aids are advisable and please be wary of swimming in waves where rip tides can occur."

July 7, after receiving a report of divers in difficulty close to the old pool by The Rocks hotel, the rescue services were on scene and spotted the two divers who had managed to get themselves ashore. The two women had travelled from Edinburgh and had attempted a dive at St Abbs before beginning their Dunbar exploration. Quickly they experienced difficulties, with one fearing she was being carried further. While a friend on shore called the Coastguard for help, the women had removed their equipment and managed to get back to shore. The crew checked the divers were unhurt and then retrieved their equipment. ILB helm Gordon Kirkham said: “The divers were well-equipped and took sensible precautions by having someone keep an eye on them from the shore. They did the right thing by calling for help when they got into difficulties.”

15th July, Dunbar Coastguard and RNLI Dunbar lifeboats were called about reports of a spearfisher in difficulty off Dunbar. The Coastguard Helicopter Rescue 199 also attended. Arriving on scene, teams worked with lifeboats to scan the area for any signs of distress. Some spear fishermen were then located in the area. The first informant met with teams to advise what had been seen. This was then confirmed as one of the spearfishers being in the water. Aftert he search, all persons were finally found to be safe and well.

Remember, if you see someone or something you are concerned about on the shoreline, cliff, mud or in the sea. Dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard. There is an alternative contact number for the Coastguard,  01333 450666 where you can pass information.

Photos 1 & 2 by Kenny Maule, click <<READ MORE>> below for photo 2 of the helicopter searching, doors open.


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