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Harbourmaster Quentin Dimmer has been successful in securing a grant for £1,096 from Sea-Changers who award grants to a range of marine charities, particularly  grassroots projects which galvanise community action.

The grant will finance an ambitious citizen-science project and photographic art exhibition conducted by local school children who will:

  • take samples of plankton and micro-plastics from within Dunbar harbour, using plankton nets to gather samples.
  • identify, study and photograph six different species of plankton and six micro-plastics using digital microscopes.
  • print onto 1m square waterproof/graffiti-proof carbon-neutral laminate. 
  • set up an outdoor art exhibition with interpretation panels mounted for display on the harbour walls.
  • display presentations in the local schools, Bleachingfield local community centre, John Muir House and others.

"We aim to reach 5,000 people locally, including school children, and also to open discussion with our MP and MSP about reducing micro-plastic pollution. The exhibition event hosted by Sustaining Dunbar will start the discussion with many people in the community who are keen to make a difference."

The children who are involved in the project will receive their John Muir Awards and have their first hands-on experience of marine biology so that benefit is long term. Engagement with fishing industry representatives and passing tourists will help to ensure a sustained message and ultimately have an impact on behaviour and government policy.

"Many thanks to Quentin for securing this valuable grant."

Photo from Sea-Changers' website.

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