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Most of you know Bob Clunas well, for several years he was harbourmaster here and then retired to Helmsdale.

On June 4th, after much work fettling his 'new' boat, it was launch day for this nearly-finished winter project. Some work still to do: engine box to make, diesel tank and ballast to fit. The 20' boat, now about thirty-five years old, was not making any water on her 'maiden' voyage, a testament to her builder Peter Matheson. With her lug sail, made by Leitch of Tarbert, she'll be easy to handle and Bob will use her for pleasure and a bit of handline fishing. 

A nice video: https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=bob%20clunas

Photos from Bob's fb page. Click <<READ MORE>> for photo 2: sail up, rarin' to go.




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