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Fresh from her recent rescue the unpowered, star-crossed Sally Belle was towing from Victoria Harbour into Broadhaven for some work on her undersides whilst awaiting spare parts. Work completed her owner decided on June 24th. to return to Sally Belle's temporary berth under the castle.

To save blushes various, we won't give all the details but she ended up on Broadhaven's rocks on an ebbing(!) tide. As she 'lay down', fortunately her tall and substantial mast avoided the nearby houses. There she lay until the next high tide at 6am the following morning. A quick hoik and tow and she was 'home' at her berth; a short but exciting, unpowered voyage.

Now when are those spare parts arriving?

Photos by Kenny Maule.  Click <<READ MORE>> for photo 2: half-afloat.


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