Ewan and Fiona are a couple with a love of history and have plans to change the old Methodist Church's use but retain its historic significance. As you will probably know, it's the oldest Methodist Church in Scotland, dating back to 1764. Ewan is an architect, Fiona a former Health and Social Care lecturer, and both have a close interest in regeneration and in Dunbar in particular.

They intend using the space as a venue for small events, intimate weddings and celebrations for up to 100 people, less than the current capacity of 240. Their Planning Application shows restoration of the church to maintain all the original features. They intend using local trades people for the work, which will include a new heating system and significant roof repairs and even a film of the restoration. One of the more costly jobs will be the restoration of the stained glass windows, originally from St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, using a specialist church-restoration company who will take out the windows, refurbish and replace them. This will allow viewers to fully appreciate these windows from outside and in. The building will then be re-named ‘The Harbour Chapel’.

Photos from Fiona's archive.

Photo 1: outside of the 'Harbour Chapel'.

Photo 2: Click <<READ MORE>> below for internal view.


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