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John Sim - Director (photo1).  John is a retired Oil-industry Engineering Manager, married with two daughters and five grandchildren. A qualified Electrical Engineer supported with a Business Degree, he and his wife Madeleine relocated to Dunbar from Edinburgh in October 2019 after having spent 42 years working and living overseas in countries as diverse as Uruguay, Italy, France, USA, Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Angola, Gabon, South Korea, Singapore and India. He has always been associated with the sea since serving in the Royal Navy from 1963 to 1974.  Thereafter, he worked in the international offshore Oil and Gas industry from 1974 to 2016 managing both mobile offshore drilling units (MODU’s) and fixed offshore oil and gas installations.

Paddy Crerar CBE - Director (photo2). Paddy has been an active harbour user in Dunbar for 20 years. He is Chair of Crerar Hotels, and he and his wife farm outside Stenton. Paddy works in community related projects as a non-executive Director of the Highlands and Islands Enterprise. He is also patron of Scotland’s most supported hospitality charity.

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