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Angus, when and where did you start sailing?  “It was a long, long time ago, in another country, far, far away.” In fact it was in the ‘70s on Lake Neuchatel, Switzerland, in a sailing dinghy.

What is more difficult: sailing or dentistry? “Dentistry is more difficult; there’s always the risk of falling down the patient’s throat and never re-appearing.”

What was your biggest race/regatta win? "East Coast Week feeder race at Blyth and The Scotsman trophy, Granton-to-Kirkwall Orkney."

Both yourself and your wife, Marie-Florence, have been Commodores of the Sailing Club. Any comments? "Nobody else volunteered so duty must be done”.

When husband and wife are both on their yacht, who is in charge? “We sail by committee: Marie-Florence on helm, Angus Cameron on sail-trim, Johnny Blyth on spinnaker, and I paid the bills and bought the drinks.”

Are all of your family sailors? “Yes, two sons, Finlay and Hector, then starting now are our grandchildren.”

Your yacht was called Nyvaig; what is the meaning? “In corrupted Gaelic it means ‘small warship’, used at the Battle of Largs, 1263, when evicting King Haakon of Norway.”

Your house is called Blawearie; what is the meaning?  “The local burn is called Blawearie (tired of the wind). The wind blew constantly whilst sorting out  the house and garden.”

What was your longest sail?  “Galle, Sri Lanka to Al Mukalla, Yemen on a pal’s yacht. Is that far enough? Too many pirates nowadays. On Nyvaig we sailed to South Brittany and back to Sunny Dunbar.”

Who are the biggest drinkers around the North Sea?  “The Norwegians can be ‘extremely immoderate’ when greeting an incoming yacht which has duty-free booze on board. However my pal ‘Norrie’ set off ‘three sheets to the wind’ and hit the Forth Bridge on a fine day with unlimited visibility. Not recommended.”

What is your advice to young sailors?  “Take lessons with an experienced instructor, on a yacht with two sails and a spinnaker. You’ll learn the essentials of sail-balance. Small dinghies are good but you can learn wee Toppers and Lasers later.”  Thank you, Angus, we'll take your advice.

Enjoy this video of Angus sailing on Nyvaig, from Dunbar to Seacliff and return https://vimeo.com/223353638. Use full-screen and volume up.

Photo: Nyvaig, spinnaker up, entering harbour (never to be repeated),

Photo credit Pamela Maule

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