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You have already received our Covid 19 statement a few days ago. Here is a photo of our main harbour as never before seen -- empty of boats and people. No-one knows what the future holds for the harbour but, rest assured, we’ll update you as soon as possible. Meanwhile keep yourself safe!

----------- Fishing Boats----------------
The Harbour Trust is very sensitive to the financial pressures that all of our harbour users are being put under at the moment. Consideration was given to the fishing boats in the harbour in these difficult times. Fortunately there is Government funding to help the commercial boat owners, which is obviously not available to our leisure users, and the case for granting the fishing boats a mooring concession will be revisited if, for any reason, the government funding is not forthcoming. In the meantime the Harbour Trust has agreed to grant extended credit terms to any commercial user who needs to take advantage of these terms.
  1. We would appreciate it if fishermen would tell us IN ADVANCE if they wish to extend normal payment terms. (We are quite approachable!)
  2. It will be appreciated if we could have a proposed payment plan
  3. We would expect fuel to be paid for within 14 days once everyone is back to work
We hope that this will ease some of the strain on cash resources. In the meantime, keep safe, and let’s hope it is not too long before the boats can get out to sea again.
----------- Leisure Boats----------------

Payments:  “The Harbour Trust remains very grateful for the financial support it continues to receive from all harbour users, but recognises that some people will be very hard-hit financially as a result of the coronavirus crisis. The Trust has agreed a reduction in mooring fees of 50%, with the following requirements:- The fee is paid by the due date of 31st March, there are no further refunds irrespective of the future status of restrictions throughout the sailing season and any hard-standing charges are paid in full."

Photos by Kenny Maule

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