As a result of careless spills of fuel and oil into the harbour the Harbour Trust has recently bought two Spill Response Kits. The small kit is for dealing with spills in the bilge; soaking up spills using special pillows and mats. The big kit is for dealing with spills in the harbour; corralling spills with a 24 metre loop. The materials soak up fuel and oil and repel water.

Spills cause unhealthy, unpleasant smells, pollute our waters damaging wildlife. It is hoped that skippers can be alert and take greater care. Those responsible for a spill will be charged appropriately for ‘Labour, Equipment and Disposal’; it can be very expensive and also an offence. Fishermen are helping the Trust find ways to minimise spills eg: automatic bilge pumps need to be off in harbours.

An outside company, Briggs Marine (£££), will deal with major spills.

Photo by Kenny Maule.

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