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A lot of you will know Barry Brunton, creel fisherman, farmer and now entertainer. Barry’s new boat is a Cygnus GM21  "Lynsey B", currently under construction and should be launched this coming season. She is a sturdy inshore fishing vessel and workboat, suitable for single-handed working and year-round use. Her design features include a high upright stern with a fine waterline entry, full low bilges, full displacement long keel and transom stern, producing a stable and seaworthy hull of exceptional quality. Working off a beach is easily done.

This vessel has become the accepted standard for many inshore fishing boats, with 30 years of production she is a very sea-friendly vessel. A moulded cuddy can be built from GRP or traditional hardwood.

Follow Barry on his fun videos (and don’t forget to ‘like’ his pages):  https://youtu.be/Wm_SLaR3zC8



"Good luck, Barry, hope you finish soon. Some fish or lobsters would be nice......."

Photos from Barry’s Youtube      Click <<READ MORE>> for his much-awaited delivery.




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