In recent years the sand from the East Beach has been disappearing, leaving ugly rocks and undermining Lamer St.

The Dunbar Shore and Harbour Neighbourhood Group (DSHNG), led with enormous energy by Pippa Swan, have made welcome plans for two breakwaters. Supported by the Council, work will start in Feb 2020 on the south breakwater, weather allowing. A further marine licence will be required for the northern breakwater to start just afterwards, early in 2020.

Tons of beach kelp have been distributed to Winterfield Golf Course, Phantassie, and the Community Gardens. Meanwhile, luckily, there has been a discernible return of sand, aggregating from the SE.   Fingers crossed….

Dave Northcott explained the project at the DCC meeting on Monday 16th December. There will be a ELC public information session to be held on Monday 13th January 2 – 7pm at Bleachingfields. All invited.

photo by Kenny Maule

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