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At the RNLI's crew Christmas dinner, Dunbar RNLI honoured two long-serving lifeboat volunteers: Kevin Keillor (left in photo) and David Koch each received badges for 20 years service. Both have served on the all-weather (ALB) and inshore (ILB) lifeboats.

Kevin, 37, who was 17 when he joined the crew, said: “It was something I always wanted to do, having spent time on fishing boats since I was 10 years old.” In May 2007 he received a medal certificate for his part in the rescue of a couple from a yacht stranded 37 miles out to sea in a force eight wind and seven metre waves.

David Koch, 48, a director for Dry Fusion, hadn’t been a volunteer for long when he was part of the crew tasked to a report of a plane crashing into the sea near Torness. “It turned out it was a Tornado jet and the pilot and navigator ejected before it crashed but it was a scary moment before we discovered that.”

photo by Nick Mailer

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