Robin Hamilton in his kilt -- this man definitely needs Christian Aid. On the 24th April, Rotary for Christian Aid, Robin, Myra, John and others, did a Kiltwalk, starting at the harbour, off to Belhaven and finishing back at the harbour, piped ‘doon the hill for the home stretch’ by Pipe Major David Laird.

Robin said: “I’m taking on a Kiltwalk to raise funds for a charity close to my heart which has inspired me to give something back. Every penny I raise will be topped up by 50% thanks to the generosity of Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation. Any donation you can spare will mean the world to me and my chosen charity. Thank you!”

Their target was £200 but they’re now passing £500. YOU also can donate: Just Giving link https://virtual.thekiltwalk.co.uk/fundraising/Robins-Dunbar-Kiltwalk

Photos courtesy of Robin.

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