Have you ever caught crabs in Cornwall? BBC’s ‘This Fishing Life’ explains very well the problems affecting crustacean fishing nowadays; very similar to the effects overall on Scotland’s seafood industry and Dunbar’s too. Here we catch crabs, lobsters and prawns which we mainly export but also supply to local restaurants.

Each year, Padstow’s fishermen land hundreds of tonnes of brown crab and lobsters, but the vast majority bypasses the town altogether. For decades, lorry loads have left Padstow for the Continent every week. When connected to Europe, Padstow’s crabbing industry boomed. Britain’s crab exports to Europe formed an industry worth over sixty million pounds, but lockdowns across Europe have brought everything to a standstill, and as the global market for crab grows, concerns are starting to be raised about the effects of overfishing. Many problems.

Improve your knowledge, this BBC program explains the effects of overfishing, bigger boats, pandemic blocks, possible quotas, brexit concerns and exports to China (currently stopped, also for political reasons). Most of these apply to us and people thought it was so easy ……

BBC iPlayer - Cornwall: This Fishing Life - Series 2: Episode 3

Thankfully Cornish accents nowadays don’t need subtitles!

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