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Marine Conservation Society says that beach litter is at the highest level since records began

BiodegradableLitter is swamping our oceans and is washing up on beaches. It kills wildlife, looks disgusting, is a hazard to our health and costs millions to clear up. There are nearly 2,500 items of rubbish for every kilometre on a beach. Marine wildlife gets entangled in litter and accidentally ingests it. Seabirds mistake floating plastic litter for food, and over 90% of fulmars found dead around the North Sea have plastic in their stomachs.

Plastic litter on beaches has increased 140% since 1994. Plastic never biodegrades. It just breaks down into small pieces but does not disappear. Microplastic particles are now found inside filter feeding animals and amongst sand grains on our beaches.

Litter comes from many sources - the public, fishing activities, sewage pipes and shipping, but it is all preventable.




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