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Over the period January to March repairs have been carried out to the East Pier at Cromwell Harbour by contractor A G Thomson of Dunbar. The harbour dates back to the 16th Century with links to both Battle of Dunbar in 1650 and the Battle of Prestonpans in 1745.

 Since then to the present day it has been a safe haven for the fishing fleet/leisure craft when the swell is too much in Victoria harbour.  It is a Historic Scotland grade 2 listed structure. Following detailed inspection by Structural Engineers (Arch Henderson) three areas of the East Pier were identified that needed strengthening by grout injection into the core which involved 60 m3 of special grout and took 8 weeks to inject. The repairs were mainly around an area about half way out the east pier where it changes direction and close to the steps where Sir John Cope landed 2000 red coats in support of Bonne Prince Charlie in 1745 .

 Funding has been provided by Historic Scotland, Viridor Credits and Marine Scotland at an overall cost of £100,000. This is all part of the Harbour Improvement Plan being coordinated by the Dunbar Harbour Trust. In the next couple of months further work to the walkway parapet & other areas around Cromwell will be carried out

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