In McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar, at 18.45 p.m.

Present: A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-chair); S. Anderson; B. Cleator; K. Fairgrieve; B. Fisher; R. Hamilton; P. Ingram (Treasurer); K. Maule,G. Lawson, Harbour Master M. Brown Minutes

Apologies: B. Buglass; J. Fairgrieve; A. Mackie (due to accident)

Minute of previous meeting & matters arising: The Minutes of meeting held on 11 June 2015 were approved.

Matters arising:

  • The planning application for davits, cameras and steps has been lodged.
  • Electricity boxes – hasp and clasps are being fitted on Friday 14th
  • ELC has engaged on the subject of the data from the tidal gauge.  The aspiration is to get this live information onto the Harbour Trust website. 
  • The Fire Certificate is dated January 2015
  • Denholm Horsburgh has been appointed Assistant Harbourmaster.
  • The Police confirm that no licence is required for the Trust’s CCTV camera.
  • There has as yet been no response from Scottish Water’s Chief Exec. Port & Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety Report:
  • Ken reported that youths were using lasers in the Harbour area and warned of the damage which these can cause to eyesight.
  • Gary reported that there had been a problem with the hook on one of the davits straightening and consequently catching on the boxes. We will post a notice in McArthur’s Stores asking people to report any hooks which are found to be damaged.
  • The positioning of the ladder in the maintenance bay had been questioned.  However a second ladder was in fact being installed. 

Risk Assessments:  Alasdair will circulate the complete list  

Finance Report: 

1. The donation was the Gift Aid reclaim from HRMC

2. The cost of the toilet hire has been reduced by moving to a standard portaloo.

3. Other fees include the lodgement fees for seeking planning permission.

Harbour Management Committee Report:

  1. 1.  Steve was stepping down and a replacement was required..
  2. 2. North wall steps – It was agreed to look at solutions
  3. 3. Bridge – A  letter to ELC to be sent
  4. 4. RNLI considering a ramp from the slipway out into Victoria Harbour.  

McArthur’s Stores Report: The heating system has been inspected. An unsafe boiler plate has been replaced.  


  • Battery Project – The first claim has been submitted Historic Scotland is carrying out Structural Report and plan of works.
  • Heritage Lottery Fund -  The application is in progress.
  • Propeller Project – Planning application submitted last month.
  • Benches:  Material had been sourced.  Cost of carrying out installation being investigated.
  • Chill/Cold Store:  Still awaiting outcome of planning application.
  • Wall surveys:  Marine Scotland and Historic Scotland have been approached The annual inspection of all the harbours had been carried out  

Harbour Improvements: 

List of improvements 2015.

  • £25,000 was spent on Cromwell Harbour repairs
  • Repairs to Victoria Harbour’s South Wall have been completed Fish box storage system has been introduced
  • A new fuel management system has been installed to increase the reliability of the service.
  • Lateral chains have been replaced in Victoria Harbour
  • The slipway has been kept clear of excessive weed The paths have been kept clear of weeds
  • Dog litter has been reduced
  • A new ladder has been fitted to create a new Fishing berth
  • A new ladder has been fitted to improve access to the Maintenance Bay A remote control has been added to the Spencer Carter Davit
  • Visitors’ berths have new notices and a repaired electricity unit.
  • Lamer Island/Battery project
  • Propellor area seating
  • RNLI Power Davit on South Pier
  • North Wall stairs 
  • Litter collection process
  • Removal of RNLI container
  • North Wall seating
  • Repair/extend end of slipway 2016 Priorities:
  • Harbour wall repairs
  • Lamer Island/Battery project
  • DFA Cold Store project
  • New toilet block
  • Big Belly litter compactor
  • RNLI 24/7 access to the harbour

Policy on motorhome parking:   Ken will draft a policy for consideration.               

Policy on gutting of fish by day-boats: Gutting of Fish on the slipway is not allowed.

Sparkling Dunbar:    Posters and leaflets were being distributed and the event was being promoted on East Coast FM.