Present:  A Swan (Chair); T.Band (Vice Chair); S. Anderson;  J Fairgrieve; K Fairgrieve; P Ingram; A. Mackie;  K. Maule; M Brown (minutes) G. Lawson (Harbourmaster)

Apologies: B. Buglass; B.Cleator; B Fisher; R Hamilton

Approval of Previous Minutes : The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Matters arising –

  • Harbour clean-up has been completed
  • Harbour bridge maintenance is now being actively discussed with ELC
  • The trial with the Homarus to clear rubble in the harbour entrance was not successful.

Health & Safety Items:

Recent incidents:

i) Carioca breaks mooring – Incident 17.

ii) Nyvaig break mooring- Incident 18.

iii) Bill Taylor capsizes in dinghy – Incident 19.  

All these reports have been considered by the DHMC. 

The quality of the moorings has been discussed with the relevant owners and the recommendation that safety jackets should be worn when rowing out to the yachts/boats has been communicated to the Sailing Club.    Any similar incidents in future should be followed up with a medical check-up so that the risk of secondary drowning is mitigated.

Recent achievements:

  1. Port & Marine Safety Code Audit has been completed – the external audit report was reviewed.
  2. Railing has been fixed to the south of the harbour bridge.
  3. More litter bags have been supplied by ELC.
  4. Weed-killing has been completed around the harbour
  5. Cleaning of steps – new regime has been introduced.
  6. Cleaning of the slipway is being done in conjunction with the RNLI.

Finance Director’s Report: tabled and reviewed.

May’s shortfall was principally due to the busier time re maintenance payment of Topographical Survey.

Drawings are being prepared for the steps and will be included in the forthcoming planning application.        

Discussion took place regarding a Toilet Block and the need to identify a suitable design and subsequent funding.

DHMC Report: tabled and reviewed

  • Pointing work has been undertaken on the south Wall
  • Electric boxes are to be made more secure with hasp and clasp.
  • Idea of a Big Belly compacting bin will be explored further.
  • Records about the tidal gauge will be

McArthur’s Store Report:

  • Lights will be repaired in Davy Lees’ store
  • Front elevation of McArthur’s store requires re-painting
  • Idea of a domestic water supply for the stores will be explored


Lamer Island:

  • The artist was introduced at a public meeting
  • Planning permission has been submitted for the propeller project

Harbour improvements:

  • DFA still awaits planning permission for the cold stores.
  • North Wall benches will be replaced as soon as funding can be sourced
  • Licensing arrangements for CCTV cameras will be checked with the authorities.
  • Planning permission is being sought for the RNLI davit which will allow the container to be removed

Any other competent business:            

  1. Rowing regatta takes place on 14 June
  2. McArthur’s Store Open Day will be held on Monday 15 June.
  3. RNLI Day will be held on 18 July. Directors are asked to help to see that the harbour’s general state of cleanliness is up to standard
  4. Sparkling Dunbar – the harbour festival – will be held on 29 August