Present: A Swan (Acting Chair); S. Anderson;  T.Band; J Fairgrieve; K Fairgrieve; B Fisher;; R.Hamilton; P Ingram; A. Mackie;  K. Maule; M Brown (minutes) G. Lawson (Harbourmaster) Apologies: B. Buglass;  B.Cleator;
Approval of Previous Minutes :  The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved. 
Matters arising – • Harbour clean-up has yet to be completed • Harbour bridge maintenance is being reviewed • CCTV camera is not invasive. Residents will be invited to see for themselves. • Two retailers have paid to be at the harbour this summer – Big Blu and an ice-cream vendor.
Election of Officials: • Finance Director - Paul Ingram
Health & Safety Items: • Three incident reports have been closed off. • Visitors’ bollard has been repaired • Harbour bridge ram has been replaced • Dog litter is a reduced problem on the Cromwell Harbour Wall • The Maritime Accident procedure has been published
Finance Director’s Report: tabled and reviewed. • Marine Scotland grant has been received for the repair of the Cromwell Harbour wall • ELC grant has been received for the running of the harbour • A planning application is to be made for the new steps, the RNLI davit (if approved by the RNLI), the manual davit and the CCTV cameras. • Thanks were recorded to George Easingwood and his skipper for offering to try to clear the rubble at the harbour entrance in the Homarus.
DHMC Report: tabled and reviewed • The charging policy for kayakers will be reviewed. Currently there is no charge to launch into the harbour. • Tidal gauge will not be replaced until the dredging projects have been completed • DFA cold store project is being re-submitted for planning approval • Repairs to the South Wall have been approved.
McArthur’s Store Report: • A repair to the corridor light has been approved. • John Fairgrieve is authorised to place orders for minor repairs to the stores as required.
Lamer Island: • Meetings have been held with residents • Open consultation meeting has been scheduled for 8th June
Steps: • Structural Engineer’s report will be drawn up this month
Harbour improvements: • The Bathymetric survey of the harbour has been completed • Grass cutting and weed killing have been brought forward this year • Spare hooks and shackles are on hand for the new davits
Any other competent business:  1. Harbour Users’ Meeting – Tuesday 19 May 2015 6-7p.m. 2. Harbour Exhibition in the Town house will run between June and September 2015. 3. Appointment process following the Assistant Harbourmaster’s decision to retire in September will start immediately. 4. The Harbour Trust Meeting Room may be booked through the Chairman for business meetings of local groups